The shirts I have in multiples

Gap striped ballet back shirt.png

I got one of these Gap modern stripe ballet back shirts, then within a month I ordered another one. It’s that good. I ordered the first in my current size but it fit loose, so I sized down for the second one. I have it in “coral & blue stripe” and “yellow stripe.” Unfortunately, it’s on final sale now and running low.

I like that it’s 3/4 sleeves because I feel like that’s perfect for fall days when it’s cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon.

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Fall wedding guest look

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of October and the wedding I’ve been looking forward to all year has come and gone. My aunt married her sweetheart yesterday and it was so wonderful to witness. I cried a few happy tears during the ceremony and might have cried more if I wasn’t trying to avoid smearing my eyeliner.

It was nice to have so much family together too. All my aunt’s nieces and nephews were able to come. I don’t think my cousins and I had all been together for 10 years or so.

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Shoe dreams come true

Aka my shoe collection


I was going through my blog archives recently, and came across this post on what shoes I wanted for fall back in 2014. I’m happy to say that my shoe collection has expanded since then.

At this point in my life, I have probably the biggest shoe collection I’ve ever had. Some pairs were Christmas presents, others were hand-me downs, and the rest I got for myself.

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Easter Sunday in Santa Monica


Paul and I spent this Easter Sunday in our home city of Santa Monica. It was a nice, relaxing day.

I made buttermilk waffles in the morning with our new waffle maker. I sort of combined this recipe from King Arthur Flour with this recipe from Betty Crocker. We topped them off with fresh whipped cream made the day before and some strawberries.

After washing an overflowing sink of dishes (I had been putting them off), I talked to my mom on the phone for a while and then we took a walk along the beach. When we came back, we made dinner out of leftovers. That’s always a good thing because it means no cooking, just reheating.

Now it’s a little past 5 pm and I’m watching Charmed before heading to work a closing shift with the memories of a lovely day.

The capsule wardrobe experiment

capsule wardrobe

Have you heard of the idea of a capsule wardrobe?

I think I first heard about the idea from the Jess Lively podcast, specifically the second time she had Caroline Rector of the blog Unfancy on. I’ve also watched all of the videos that Ana of VivianaDoesMakeup has done on her capsule wardrobe. I actually found out about her and her YouTube channel from Jess Lively too.

Basically, you pick out a select amount of your clothing and shoes to wear for one season. It’s a mini wardrobe made up of versatile pieces that you love to wear. That way, you can create a lot of outfits out of a few pieces without feeling sick of them or stuck.

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What’s in my bag

Pretty much every day, I’ll watch a YouTube video or like 10. After literally years of thinking about putting up videos, I finally did!

In my first video, I’m sharing what’s in my purse and what’s in my backpack.

I use the same pink cross body bag from H&M every day. I got it on Black Friday two years ago, so it’s no longer on the H&M website, but you can find similar options here and here.

I have become so used to it. I’ll switch purses if say I want to bring my camera in a purse and I need a bigger bag for that. If I’m going on an interview or somewhere where I want to look extra nice, I’ll use a tan purse that’s at least twice the size.

My backpack is the gray and tan Heritage Mid Volume backpack from Herschel. I didn’t mention this in the video, but what I especially like about this backpack is that it has a laptop sleeve.

I’ve never blogged about what’s in my bag before, even though it’s a very common thing for bloggers and vloggers. I actually took pictures to do a post on this a while ago, but deleted them.

Any way, I hope you get a kick out of me being a big goofball as I talk about my stuff and that this video makes you smile.

Casual cool

casual cool 4

casual cool 5

Once every season or less, I decide to do an outfit post. Today just so happens to be that day. I’ve been wanting to share this outfit because it makes me feel relaxed but put together at the same time.

My boyfriend Paul and I were wearing very similar version of this outfit on a recent trip to Trader Joes. When we were on different aisles, I kept seeing plaid shirts out of the corner of my eye and thinking for a second that it was him, but it would just be some other shopper.

Maybe I’m wrong, but this feels like such a California outfit. It’s easy to throw a button up shirt on over a tee shirt and take it on or off depending on the weather. These days it’s raining one day and in the high 80s the next around Los Angeles so versatility is key.

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Shopping for new glasses with Warby Parker


Warby Parker1 smallWarby Parker3 small

Warby Parker5 smallWarby Parker4 smallWarby Parker6 small


Last month, I visited the Warby Parker store in Venice to pick out a new pair of glasses. My old pair had broke so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try out a new brand of eyewear. I’ve seen Warby Parker online for a while. They’ve got that hipster look going on that I love so much. Warby Parker is within my budget and has a brick and mortar location within walking distance of my apartment, so it only made sense for me to try it out.

As a book lover (who doesn’t read nearly enough), I love that the stores are made to look like bookstores. It makes the idea of picking out glasses more fun. It felt less medical.

I ended up going with the Wilkie glasses in Greystone and I love them.

3 summer outfits

I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite summer outfits. I feel very ME in each of these outfits. They remind me of what I used to like wearing as a kid. I’ve always liked combining ~girly~ clothes with practical and comfortable choices like sneakers and hats. I’ve actually worn each of these outfits recently, so I named them after what was happening at the time.


Look #1: Sunday morning at the Farmer’s Market

Farmer's Market

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