The capsule wardrobe experiment

capsule wardrobe

Have you heard of the idea of a capsule wardrobe?

I think I first heard about the idea from the Jess Lively podcast, specifically the second time she had Caroline Rector of the blog Unfancy on. I’ve also watched all of the videos that Ana of VivianaDoesMakeup has done on her capsule wardrobe. I actually found out about her and her YouTube channel from Jess Lively too.

Basically, you pick out a select amount of your clothing and shoes to wear for one season. It’s a mini wardrobe made up of versatile pieces that you love to wear. That way, you can create a lot of outfits out of a few pieces without feeling sick of them or stuck.

I had thought there would be no point in creating a capsule wardrobe for myself because I honestly don’t go a lot of places. I have a part time job that requires me to wear a uniform shirt with jeans. Besides that, I just wear comfy clothes in my apartment and wear whatever I feel like when I go out. That’s often jeans and a T-shirt, but I have a lot of dresses that I wear too.

However, I do feel like having a capsule wardrobe makes me feel good. Deciding on what pieces to include in my capsule wardrobe took some planning, but now that’s it’s done, it feels nice. I did end up choosing 37 items, which is what Unfancy recommends. I’ll share those items with you in another post. This post is going to be long enough as it is.

Now my entire spring capsule wardrobe is in my closet, along with just a few special occasion dresses.

I had thought there would be no point in creating a capsule wardrobe for myself because I honestly don’t go a lot of places. However, organizing my closet helped me feel more at peace.

I put some clothes that were hanging in the closet in my dresser drawers. I then went through my dresser drawers and separated out all the summer and winter specific stuff. I put those items in under the bed storage bags to make more room in my drawers.

Organizing my closet truly helped me feel better about life and generally more at peace. It’s easier getting dressed in the morning. I’m more excited about getting dressed because I like everything in my closet. I also have a new appreciation for my clothes.

I’m hoping it helps me figure out my style a bit more too. Already I’ve been more inclined to wear accessories with my outfits and switch up what shoes I wear.

I’m planning on taking a break from shopping for three months as I wear the items in my spring capsule wardrobe. I thought I could take a break from online window shopping too, but that’s proving to be a bit more difficult than I expected.

Also, I looked over the free wardrobe planner on Unfancy but ended up skipping it partly because I just didn’t feel like doing it right now and partly because my printer is out of ink. It’s very detailed and looks cool. Check it out if you haven’t already. I’ll probably do that before summer.

If I decide that I like this capsule wardrobe experiment, then I’ll do it again for summer. Either way, I’ll share my thoughts on this experiment in three months.

4 thoughts on “The capsule wardrobe experiment

  1. Hey Erin! It’s been a while since I’ve visited your blog! I’m glad to hear that you’re experimenting with a capsule wardrobe. I first heard of the idea when I was reading A Beautiful Mess and was then directed to Caroline’s blog UnFancy. I totally agree with you that it has made getting dressed so much easier and I love that I truly appreciate everything in my closet. For me, it has also been beneficial to go through the process of sorting through all my clothes. I’m such a hoarder and trying to build a capsule wardrobe has helped me get rid of so many things I no longer need. I can’t wait to hear more about your experience and what pieces you’ve picked out for the upcoming season.


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Helen! I hope you’re doing well in Portland. I agree that it helps with sorting through. I’m hoping it helps me find new ways to style my existing pieces too.

  2. I’ve always wanted to try the capsule wardrobe thing – but I just don’t have the kind of self-control and self-editing skills to actually decide on anything. I always set out to pick, and then just end up reorganizing my entire wardrobe instead.

    Good luck! I’ll look forward to seeing how the experiment turns out!

    1. I know what you mean. I ended up reorganizing everything too but that was one of the greatest parts about it for me. I have my out of season stuff in storage, my favorite pieces in clear view in my closet, and the rest in my dresser drawers. But it does take some self control.

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