Summer lookbook and a few of my favorite things lately

Sunday outfit 2

One of my favorite ways to stay cool in the California heat is to go to an indoor mall and walk around, maybe buy a few things, but mostly window shop. In between all that strolling around in the nice air conditioned space, I’ll get a pretzel. Hence, the shots in this summer lookbook video of me eating a pretzel and laughing like a big dork.

Uniqlo at Coffee Bean 2

I have fond memories of sharing salted pretzels with my sister Mary. She would always get the cheese sauce. I’ve got a sweet tooth, so sometimes I would get the cinnamon sugar pretzel for myself instead and we would still share.

In another shot, I’m sitting in a Coffee Bean drinking a Matcha Ice Blended. It was so good. I wish there was a Coffee Bean closer to my house. Try it if you get a chance.

You may notice that I’m wearing such casual outfits in this video. I like fashion, but I like comfort too. I didn’t plan out these outfits too much. I just happened to wear some of my most loved summer pieces. The floral tank top I’m wearing is super comfortable. It’s actually a bra top and I thought those were always awful until I tried this one. It’s from Uniqlo. That brand continues to impress me. Other items are from Urban Outfitters, Target, and Old Navy because that’s where the majority of my clothes are from.

One of my other favorite things this summer? The comic book series Hellcat has got my boyfriend and I hooked. He’s actually going to a comic book store soon to pick up the latest issue. I like that we can see some of the same characters from the comic book in the tv show Jessica Jones (currently on Netflix), but I can’t stomach the tv show as much. It’s scary! The comic book is more of a cute, fun super hero story.

I’ll be back soon with more food recipes. If there’s anything in particular you would like to see, let me know in the comments below. And I’d love it if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel. Love you all!


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