What’s in my bag

Pretty much every day, I’ll watch a YouTube video or like 10. After literally years of thinking about putting up videos, I finally did!

In my first video, I’m sharing what’s in my purse and what’s in my backpack.

I use the same pink cross body bag from H&M every day. I got it on Black Friday two years ago, so it’s no longer on the H&M website, but you can find similar options here and here.

I have become so used to it. I’ll switch purses if say I want to bring my camera in a purse and I need a bigger bag for that. If I’m going on an interview or somewhere where I want to look extra nice, I’ll use a tan purse that’s at least twice the size.

My backpack is the gray and tan Heritage Mid Volume backpack from Herschel. I didn’t mention this in the video, but what I especially like about this backpack is that it has a laptop sleeve.

I’ve never blogged about what’s in my bag before, even though it’s a very common thing for bloggers and vloggers. I actually took pictures to do a post on this a while ago, but deleted them.

Any way, I hope you get a kick out of me being a big goofball as I talk about my stuff and that this video makes you smile.

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