Casual cool

casual cool 4

casual cool 5

Once every season or less, I decide to do an outfit post. Today just so happens to be that day. I’ve been wanting to share this outfit because it makes me feel relaxed but put together at the same time.

My boyfriend Paul and I were wearing very similar version of this outfit on a recent trip to Trader Joes. When we were on different aisles, I kept seeing plaid shirts out of the corner of my eye and thinking for a second that it was him, but it would just be some other shopper.

Maybe I’m wrong, but this feels like such a California outfit. It’s easy to throw a button up shirt on over a tee shirt and take it on or off depending on the weather. These days it’s raining one day and in the high 80s the next around Los Angeles so versatility is key.

casual cool 7.jpg

casual cool 8.jpgcasual cool

This last photo is my attempt at a “cool girl” casual pose like the ones I see on Instagram a lot. Think girl standing against a brick wall holding a coffee cup and looking away from the camera.

Black tee shirt/Target, Plaid shirt/Uniqlo, Jeans/Madewell, Purse/H&M, Shoes/Vans, Glasses/Warby Parker

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