Links I love v. 16

stained glass electrical tower

My sister had a baby this week and I’ve had the chance to see him grow up every few days. It’s truly amazing how fast little babies grow. He looks less like he did in these photos and more like he does in this selfie. So much hair for a little baby! He’s also got blue eyes and we’re kind of hoping they will stay that way. Brown, green or hazel would be fine too of course, but dark hair with blue eyes would be sweet.

Things have been super quiet on the blog lately. Sorry about that. I’ve been getting my computer fixed this week and I’m hoping to pick it up soon. It’s actually been broken since last year and I’ve been using my sister’s laptop when she doesn’t need it. I’ve got some exciting things planned for the next few weeks, though!

Happy weekend and happy links I love.

Stained Glass Lighthouse on Colossal // Isn’t this beautiful?

Blogging Is My Hobby. It Isn’t My Job. on MusicalPoem

Love Your Body Resolution: To Love is to Nourish on Jaybird

Pineapple Fried Rice Pizza on A Beautiful Mess

On their writing processes: Erika and Betsy

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