Devil’s food cupcakes and doughnuts

Making something new out of an old favorite

Devil's food cupcakes and doughnuts

For the past few years, I’ve made this Devil’s Food Cake at some point during fall or winter. Well, I just looked back on the first blog post I did on the recipe and this year was only the third time but it feels like more.

It’s my boyfriend’s favorite kind of cake. His grandma used to make a similar version for birthdays, so it has a special meaning for him. Plus, who doesn’t love cream cheese frosting?

This year, I got a doughnut pan from a holiday gift exchange at work, so I decided to try a new spin on the Devil’s Food Cake. Hence, Devil’s Food cupcakes and doughnuts. :)

Devil's food cupcakes and doughnuts
Did you know the cocoa in devil’s food cake tuns the batter slightly red? Some bakers like to make the red more intense with food coloring, but I leave it out.

Devil's food cupcakes and doughnuts

I really wanted to try out my doughnut pan the same day I got them, so I put batter in those first and spooned the remaining batter into my cupcake pan. I’m now the proud owner of one cupcake pan and one doughnut pan, so this may become a habit. every time I want to make either doughnuts or cupcakes, I could end up doing both. Otherwise I’ll have to wait for whichever pan I’m using to cool.

The devil’s food cake recipe and the cream cheese frosting recipe are both from King Arthur Flour, one of my favorite places to find good baking recipes and advice.

They tasted great, except the cupcakes came out a little dry. I’m sure that wasn’t the recipe’s fault though. I must have left them in the oven just a minute too long.

Devil's food cupcakes and doughnuts Devil's food cupcakes and doughnuts

I’m looking forward to doing more baking in 2016. There are so many things I want to make. I actually made this in 2015 and I’m just now putting up the photos. I’m making big plans for the new year.

Here’s to a great year ahead full of life, love, ambition and sweet things.

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