bridesmaids and Katie

10 things I’m thankful for

It’s December already? Guess so. This year sure has gone by fast.

It’s been a week since Thanksgiving and I’ve been meaning to count my blessings. It feels good to remind myself. There are so many things to be thankful for.

1. Family
They know me like no one else.
Grandma and Eric

2. My dogs
They’re just the cutest.
brother and sister

3. Friends
It’s pretty special to have friends who care so much.
bridesmaids and Katie

the best friend and boyfriend

4. Food
Too many people go hungry around the world. I try to remember to give thanks for every meal because it is precious.

5. Nature
Looking at the simple beauty around me can be quite calming.

6. Cute stuff
Cute things just make me smile. See my Too Adorable Pinterest board for more.
Lost Cat

7. Music
It just soothes the soul. I’m glad I get the opportunity to see live music. Earlier in the year I got to see Solange at Coachella. Tonight I’m going to see Flight Facilities in LA.

8. Media
Tv, books, newspapers, radio, blogs and the like are so necessary. My new favs include California Sunday Magazine, KCRW, The Hairpin and the Gilmore Guys podcast.

9. Public transportation
As someone who doesn’t own a car, I’ve learned to appreciate it.
Union Station

10. Running water
My mom has always reminded me to be thankful we have toilets and sinks with water on tap.

What are you feeling thankful for?

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