Thoughts on graduation

erin on campus

After five years, two changes of my major, four jobs, two internships and several big life events, I’m finally going to graduate.

It seems real now. It took a while to sink in, but now I’m ready for it. I’m ready to go out into the workforce equipped with the knowledge and experience of my time in college and start new adventures.

With a degree in communication, there are so many possibilities. Theoretically, my degree could lead to many positions. Where it takes me is up to me and that’s exciting.

I’m also really glad I went to the school I did, even though I have complained about it at times. Cal Poly Pomona was a great choice.

I chose it because it’s close to home, I love the campus and I have a lot of family who have gone there. I also liked the idea of a polytechnic education with a learn by doing philosophy, which proved to be incredibly helpful in practice.

It was through my involvement on campus that I made all my college friends. When I was an editor for my college newspaper two years ago, I met some really awesome people that I’m happy to have kept in touch with. My boyfriend and I even met through the paper and I’m happy to say we’re still together.

I was the youngest editor and I had thought that after they graduated I wouldn’t really have any friends. Of course, that didn’t happen.

That summer I started a new job with a marketing department on campus and made friends there. Then when I got involved with a magazine on campus, I met my friends Meaghan and Mina. We just sort of clicked, it seems. I’m so glad I get to graduate with them in just a few weeks.


friends 2

Meaghan, Mina and I took our college graduation photos on campus Saturday and I kept thinking of memories associated with the places we went.

It started out that my boyfriend drove me to campus and we met my friends at the newsroom where Meaghan was working as the news editor. That’s almost funny to me in itself because I was working as news editor two years ago, sitting at the same desk she now uses. It’s also always cool to look around the newsroom and see how it’s changed. A piñata Paul put up four years ago is still hanging in a corner. Used couches donated by an editor more than 10 years ago are still in the same place. New things have been added too, and I found myself wondering aloud how long those would stick.

Then as my friends and I walked around the campus, I was reminded of my first kiss, a breakup, on-the-spot interviews, volunteering with the horses, election season and campus events. Crazy! I can think of so many memories every time I walk around campus. I makes me think of how much I really grew up through this time.

At the Old Stables


It’s bittersweet to be done with college because it was such a good time, but it’s also time to move on. I made amazing friends, got a good education and had great experiences. Now it’s time for a new chapter to begin.

To all the other graduates out there, or anyone looking to change direction in life, I wish you the best! We can do it!

P.S. Thanks for the photos, Mina and Meaghan!

8 thoughts on “Thoughts on graduation

  1. Congrats on the graduation (and that awesome dress). You can definitely do this! I cannot wait to see you start this post-college journey!

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