Life Lately

coffee for me

It’s been two weeks since I put a post up and honestly it’s bugging me. I didn’t mean to be away for this long, but I got somewhat busy and really lazy.

I bet you guys are wondering what I’ve been up to aren’t you? Well, I’m going to tell you any way.

Lately I have been,

Thinking about: life after graduation, as always. The day is getting closer and closer. I’ll graduate college on June 15. It’s about time I start writing my final paper that’s due a few weeks before. I’m super excited, but of course I’m also nervous about finding a job.

Watching: so many TV shows! As always! I hadn’t seen Parenthood in a while, but I caught up on about 10 episodes in a week. It is so good! On Saturday, I saw Bob’s Burgers for the first time and loved it. I also finally watched all of the movie Amelie. I had tried watching it late at night twice before and fell asleep. This time, I read the captions in broad daylight and quite enjoyed it.

Loving: the time I get to spend with family and friends. The other day, I had dinner with two of my friends from school. We met in a class last spring and seemed to just click. I love that. While we were having dinner, I asked them if they had heard about the Five Love Languages. It’s both a book and an idea about the type of love you enjoy giving and receiving. We all took the quiz on our phones and got “quality time” as a result. That’s definitely me!

Anticipating: graduation, of course! Except not at the same time. It’s complicated. Besides that, I’m anticipating the birth of my nephew. He’s going to be the third little one in my family. My sister is six months pregnant now, so if won’t be too long until I get to meet the little guy. I’m also looking forward to going to going to Coachella next week. That should be pretty good too.

By the way, I wrote all this from my phone on my commute to downtown LA. About half was written in the train and the other half was on the bus. Public transit is the best, guys.

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