In my time away


Today begins a new resolution to look toward the future with as positive an attitude as possible and to always keep blooming.

Looking back on the past year, I think about how blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life (some of whom I plan to feature here) and how much I have learned about life. A few big things in my life started last summer, so in that sense I am celebrating the anniversary of those events.

I moved out of the apartment I had been living in my junior year of college at the beginning of last summer, which was a big change. From there I moved into a new home with my aunt, mom and sister. That has definitely been an adjustment for me as it is a bit of a loss of independence, but it helps that I have such good, patient family members.

Last June I also started a new job as writer and editor for a marketing department at my school, Cal Poly Pomona, called Gas Creative Group. It is part of Associated Students, Inc., which is a non-profit corporation supported by student fees. It can be a little difficult to explain at times. Any way, through that job I have learned a lot about marketing, especially when it comes to blogs and social media. I’m happy to say I’m still working there and get to “learn by doing,” as the CPP motto goes.

Tomorrow I start an internship where I will be doing various communication work for a local non-profit. This will be my very first position off campus! Actually, it’s not if you count volunteering at my church or local library. I have had great experiences on campus working for a food place, the college newspaper and a marketing department but now it will be good to go away from my campus that feels like home.

At the internship I will mostly be working on social media but I have it on good authority that I will also learn grant writing and get to work on a press release. That should be good! I may also start the company’s blog. That part might be the most exciting, although it all sounds good.

Pretty soon it will be time for other big events and milestones too.

I’m looking forward to celebrating my one and a half year dating anniversary with my boyfriend. It’s fun to celebrate half year anniversaries too and I’ll make up any milestone to make a day extra special with him.

After two years without a car, I’m finally financially, mentally and emotionally ready to buy a car. Yeah, that sounds pretty dramatic. More on that later. So, I should definitely get a car by December any way.

In a little more than a month I’ll be starting my final quarter in college. I’ll be a super senior in my fifth year. But for good reasons! It’s going to be good to be done but I’ll miss it like crazy.

Here’s to preparing for the future and living in the now.

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