Sunny songs for an overcast beach day

It’s an overcast summer day in Southern California, which is perfect for the beach, right? Not really, but I’m off to the beach any way. My boyfriend, his sister and I are going to a beach for the first time this summer. I am so excited that I made a playlist for the occasion. Do you make playlists for seasons and trips too? It’s so fun to do! The beach playlist I made is down below.

Click to hear on Spotify!

I put the playlist on Spotify after burning it to a cd. Now you can hear it too.

I made this playlist yesterday and added some new music to my iTunes library in the process. I got lucky too! Looking for some new songs brought me to NPR Music’s site through a post with the Top 25 Favorite Album of 2012 (So Far)  and the song of the day just so happened to be one described as a “shoegaze lover’s dream.” Paul is a shoegaze lover and musician, so I just had to get “Candy Girl” by Trailer Trash TracyNPR’s Top 25 list also got me to download “Words in the Fire” by Patrick Wilson. Both are pretty sweet airy tunes that are perfect for a relaxing summer day.

What are your favorite summer tunes?

I would love to hear what you have to say. Leave me a comment and I'll try to write back soon.

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