If we were to have coffee



Happy National Coffee Day! Yeah, that’s a thing.

I started writing this post about a hypothetical coffee date to catch you (my readers) up on my life a few weeks ago and then saved it as a draft. I’m so inconsistent with posts, but I swear I love to blog. I don’t know why I don’t put in the time to write. Whenever I do it feels so good.

You, know what else is good? Coffee! Let’s pretend we’re having some.

If we were to have coffee right now, I would definitely NOT order a pumpkin spice anything because pumpkin is not my thing and I don’t care what anyone says, it’s not fall yet. We’ve got some time.

I would order myself a great big iced something and offer to pay for yours too. But if you said you’d pay for mine I wouldn’t refuse. I’ll get you next time after I’ve secured myself a job.

We’d pick a nice little table inside because we’ve got to be near the air conditioning. Of course, we’d talk about how hot its been in California and when the drought will ever end.

I’m sure we’d talk about…


I would tell you about the family party we had at my house for the August and September birthdays. My family can be very loud and boisterous. I love them all so much. My favorite right now (oops, did I just say that?) is the littlest one.

My nephew is just so adorable! Of course, it is hard when he won’t stop crying. Oh man. I watched him for an hour or so recently and it felt like much longer. I don’t know how my sister does it. I feel for moms, more than before. He’s only two months. Maybe he will sleep through the night soon. He did start smiling recently, which is the best ever.

At this point, I’ll probably pull out my phone to show you photographic evidence of his cuteness. Look at all these pictures of him smiling!

Then I might tell you how I wish I could spend more time with him. I would be over every day if  I only had a car. I could make a song up about that to the tune of “If I Only Had a Brain,” but nobody would want to hear that.

Career stuff

My job search has been going better. It’s hard not to be discouraged, but I have had interviews, so that’s something. My family and friends have been so encouraging too.

I’d tell you about the career options I’ve looked into and the jobs I’ve applied to. We might compare job search strategies and goals.


I might mention how life has felt different since graduating college. It’s harder to meet up with friends when everyone has different schedules. It’s not like when we saw each other three times a week or more for class and then could just go out to lunch in between.

I’d tell you how I value the relationships I have. My childhood friends, college friends, family and boyfriend are all so special. I’m proud of my sisters and brother for working hard in their jobs and being good people. Now I’m getting sentimental. But the older I get, the more I realize you just can’t take things for granted. My mom reminds me of that too. She’s the best.

Pop culture

Have you seen Orange Is The New Black? I started watching it a few weeks ago. It’s so good! My best friend told me about it awhile ago and we watched a few episodes together. Of course I’ve been hearing about it on the Interwebs ever since, but it took my sister, cousin and boyfriend’s sister asking if I’d watched it for me to watch again. The show is good. It’s graphic, sexual, violent and sad. Not for everyone. But it’s also heartwarming.

What TV shows have you been watching? I only have three episodes left of OITNB, so I could use some drama show suggestions. My oldest sister has been saying I should watch Revenge. Have you seen it? I was watching Orphan Black with Paul. Unfortunately, only the first season is on Amazon Prime so we stopped there. I was into Parenthood before that, but the Amber character kind of ruined it for me.

For more lighthearted fare, I go for late night talk shows, comedy specials and cartoons for adults. John Stewart has become my favorite ale night guy. A few years ago I didn’t have a clue. Key and Peele have a cool format for their show that reminds me of Saturday Night Live, except it’s not really that close. I enjoy Bob’s Burgers and Bravest Warriors too. If you’ve never seen Catbug, well, you’ve got to!

So, that’s my life lately. I fawn over my nephew, apply to jobs, go on interviews and watch a ton of tv.

What have you been up to? And what would you order of we were to have coffee together? You can say tea or lemonade or whatever. That’s fine too. ;)

August Adventures

almost there

August was a super chill month for me. Honestly, I got too lazy. I kind of fell of the face off the planet in August. Really, I went to Boise for a week and a half, and while I was there I stopped updating this here blog.

It felt like I was gone for most of August. My aunt and I took a road trip from the LA area all the way to Boise, Idaho. We went up the middle of the state (don’t ask me freeway names, I didn’t drive), stopped in Berkeley for two days, headed east and stopped in Reno for about 24 hours, and then made it from there to Boise in a day. That’s a lot of being in the car. Can you tell? We made the most of it though! Road trip snacks and car games are actually a few of my favorite things, so I wasn’t too bad off.

I had been to Boise twice before, but never to Berkeley or Reno or any part of Nevada. It was nice to be able to explore new areas I had never seen before. More than that, it was great to be with family I don’t usually get to see. In Berkeley, my aunt and I stayed with my cousin, his wife and young daughters. I hadn’t seen him or his family in about four years, so I had never met the youngest one. Although they were shy at first, we quickly became acquainted. We played hide-and-go-seek, read books together, had a dance party and I got to go ice skating with the two older girls. My heart was so full!

In Reno, my aunt and I met up with a family friend that she is close to. Upon seeing me, he informed me that he hadn’t seen me since I was 3 years old. He and my dad used to play chess together back when he lived in California. My aunt and this family friend took my on a tour of Reno. I had never been in a casino before. I gambled 50 cents on a weekday afternoon.

somewhere Nevada postcard pic

We went back on the road in the middle of the day and managed to arrive in Boise just as the sun was setting. It was so nice to arrive at our final destination, my home away from home for the next week. I stayed at my aunt’s house for 8 days, making the trip 12 days total. It didn’t seem like it would be all that long when we arranged the trip, but I was homesick by the end. Still, it was a great trip.

The first time I went to Boise was the summer of 2010, I believe. I was 19 and had just finished my freshman year of college. I liked it so much that I went up with my aunt again the following summer. Both times we took a plane ride up. This summer she offered to take me again as a graduation present and I gladly accepted. If you’re wondering what makes Boise so special, I can tell you in a single word: family. My aunt that I’ve gone on all these trips with just moved there in spring. The two of us had been visiting my other aunt (her sister), my uncle, and four of my cousins. They’re all such funny, goofy people. I love them all. It sucks living so far away. We bonded over TV shows, corny jokes and musicals. I can’t wait until next time.

Freak Alley overlooking Downtown
at a park

1) Donner Lake in California
2) Wild horses in Reno, Nevada
3) Beautiful downtown Boise
4) Freak Alley in Boise, Idaho
5) My cousin James and I at a parking garage in Downtown Boise
6) Me at Ann Morrison Park in Boise

Even though We’re only a few days into September, it’s feeling like fall in my area of Southern California and I rather like it. To me, fall signals change and I could use some of that, mainly in the way of a job. I’m working hard, so hopefully good things will come my way.

Midsomer Times

My boyfriend Paul is here today to share his latest Spotify playlist, Midsomer Times. Without further ado, I’ll let him take it away.

Midsommer spotify playlist

Here we are – the summertime homestretch.

Don’t be afraid to take a dip in the deep end. Put the final weeks of the season to good use. Take comfort in those relaxing moments sitting by the window, watching the sunset turn into a foggy night. Breathe in that crisp, freedom-enriched air on a walk down the street.

With that in mind, spend the next 42 minutes with the ever-so lush Devonte “Blood Orange” Hynes and Bradford Cox film scores, soft Mac Demarco, and the only Spotify-available production of Waldemar Schwartz.

Fourteen years later and Zero 7 still have it, while Neil Young gets in a box.


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P.S. You should be able to see the embeded Spotify playlist above, but if you can’t, click this link to open Midsomer Times in your Spotify player.

In the blue

Before this two week Boise trip, we hadn’t been apart for more than a week. Maybe not even that long. The longest I can think of is when he went to SXSW earlier this year. I probably saw him the weekend before and soon after. I have a terrible memory. Can you tell? I know couples have survived a lot worse. I don’t mean to complain. But man, I’m going to miss him just for a bit.

This cutie and I have been dating for almost two and a half years. Pretty soon it will be three years since we first met. It’s funny to think of how we’ve changed in that time. We’re growing up. We’re not college babes any more, as he likes to say.

Outfit details: Erin’s wearing: Shirt/H&M, Shorts/Kohl’s, Shoes/Vans, Glasses/Bonlook, Purse/Anne Klein. Paul’s wearing: Shirt/Thrifted, Tank top/Target, Jeans/Levis, Shoes/Vans, Glasses: Ray Ban.

We took these photos a few months ago after going to breakfast at Swingers, one of our favorite restaurants in Santa Monica. I noticed this blue building and just had to take photos in front of it. Can you tell he’s over it at this point?

I leave for Boise on Friday. It’s going to be a fun road trip to visit family and I’m really excited. I’m also excited to reunite with this guy in the end though.

By the way, Paul’s sharing a midsummer playlist on the blog soon. His first post! :)

Note: I’ve had a draft with just the title “Matching with my guy- whenever it happens” saved since December. I filled it up with these photos and the words to go with and then pressed publish without changing the title. Oops! We’re not matching. I’ve just been wanting to do another outfit post/couple post/ get some portrait practice in ever since the first time last summer. Hopefully I can convince him to let me do these more often because I had fun!