Let’s celebrate

let's celebrate

My boyfriend recently went from a contract position at his job to being a permanent employee. We’ve been hoping for this for a while and he’s been working hard to make it happen. Naturally, we had to celebrate. On Saturday, we went back to our college, Cal Poly Pomona, for its annual Pumpkin Festival. Then we headed over to one of our favorite date night hangouts, the city of Claremont. It’s a college town, unlike Pomona. You see, Pomona has one college and it’s mostly a commuter school. Claremont has three colleges within walking distance of many shops. It’s nickname “The city of trees and PHDs” rings true.

We ended up going to a Spanish restaurant in town and ordering some delicious tapas. It was nice to have a long, relaxing dinner and catch up. Of course, we talk every day, but this really gave us an opportunity to bring up things we had forgotten about mentioning.

let's celebrate

let's celebrate
Photos by Paul A. Rosales

Dress/Aniche Boutique, Necklace/Things Remembered (gift), Belt/Target, Purse/Target, Tights/Target, Boots/Target

For our day out, I wanted to wear something that would be comfortable enough to walk around in but also a little dressed up. Besides, I love wearing tights and it’s finally cool enough wear I live to do so.

By the way, I’m working on making a content plan for this blog that makes sense for me and my interests. I’m thinking that will involve more fashion posts and less on entertainment. Then again, most of my clothes are from Target so does that mean I can’t be a fashion blogger?

Between Lenses: Mornings

My dog Max and I are similar in many ways. We’re usually calm and quiet, but we both get excited about a walk around the block. He definitely jumps up and down more than me though. We’re both introverts. We’re big fans of popcorn and peanut butter. And we prefer not to wake up too early.

This is the face Max makes when he’s still in bed and the sun is shining through the blinds. I make the same face.
Between Lenses: Mornings

I usually see this cute-pie puppy face within minutes of waking up. His bed is right next to mine. Sometimes I have to coax him out of bed to go outside and he will just look at me like this.

So, even though I haven’t participated in the Between Lenses blog hop in quite some time (oops!) I was reminded of it and super excited that I didn’t miss the October theme. You see, bloggers Tara and Victoria have created this series for bloggers to link up and share their interpretation of a theme through photos. This month’s theme is mornings.

Be sure to hop over and see Latrina and Victoria’s posts as well!

Also, see my other Between Lenses post on movement.

September adventures

California cloudsPaul's first omlettevarious moleBaby EricKaty Perry at Honda Center

September was a funny month and not in the haha sort of way. I had a renewed sense of energy after coming back from a 12 day trip to Boise in August. I did a lot of applications and interviews. But by the end of September, my motivation was waning. It still is, to tell the truth. That’s why it’s taken me this long to get to my monthly adventures post. I’ve been a college graduate since June, but I’m still searching for a job. It isn’t easy. Honestly guys, I could use some encouragement. I know I’m being a whiny baby, but I don’t care. Okay, I do. So I’ll start by being thankful for what I’ve got and what I experienced in September.

I’m thankful for the things that made September good. Things like:

  • Admiring the view from Paul’s apartment window
  • Eating home cooked food
  • Trying all the moles in the sampler platter
  • Seeing my baby nephew grow up before my eyes
  • Going to a Katy Perry concert with a cool girl
  • A few end of summer beach trips
  • Celebrating my sister and cousins’ birthdays
  •  Watching all of Orange is The New Black

This week I’m going back to my college as an alumna twice. That should be funny (also not in a haha way). Today is the Fall Career Fair and this weekend is the Pumpkin Festival.

What are you up to this week or month or whatever?

24 before 24: Watch Titanic

Titanic poster.jpg

The first time I watched Titanic, it was 1997 and I was six years old.

I was not allowed to see the whole thing.  I saw most of it though. I was either kicked out of the family room or just dismissed myself for the “Draw me like one of your French girls” scene. Honestly, I found what I did see of it a little boring at the time, but I’ve always thought that I should watch it again later since it’s held in such high esteem.

So I did. And it was terrible.

If you feel differently, please let me know why. I just do not see the appeal.

I went into a bit of a rant about it last night to my mom. Man, I wish I would have gotten that on video. I’m not sure if I could repeat it on cue. So, I’ll just try in writing.

First off, the couple only knows each other for two days and they’re terribly in love. That’s the part I just can’t relate to. I get that Rose didn’t want to be with her fiance and that Jack was a nice guy. But it’s a little ridiculous when Jack says things, “I know you.” Kid, no you don’t.

Jack isn’t so bad though. He’s kind of cute and he’s sure of himself. It’s Rose who is a little annoying. Even as an old lady, she’s a little selfish. I mean think about it. She’s recollecting her time on the Titanic while on this boat with a crew who is looking for a very specific, expensive necklace. I get that it was sentimental for her, but it seems so rude when she drops the necklace to the bottom of the ocean without telling anyone she had it with her.

In the scene when Rose and Jack are running away from Rose’s fiancé Cal while he is firing gunshots at them, they run down the ship instead of across. Watching that felt like watching a horror movie. “Don’t go in there! Just run the other way. It’s not that hard. If you down, there will be water. Idiots.”

jack rose titanic

The one character I actually liked would have to be Molly Brown. I love her wit and dry humor. It turns out that she’s based on a person who lived, whereas Jack and Rose are not. Margaret “Molly” Brown was an activist who worked for labor rights, women’s rights, education and literacy, in addition to being a world traveler. She also ran for Senate twice.

Maggie awards the capitain

Sorry, guys. I’m a cynic when it comes to love sometimes, even though I am happily in love myself. I’ve just never understood the head over heels love at first sight kind of love because I’ve never had that. Perhaps that isn’t fair.

Funnily enough, I brought up the fact that I had watched all of Titanic on Netflix recently, along with my sentiments, while my boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend and I were eating dinner together. Paul’s sister said something about how Paul thinks quite the opposite.

While I was six when the movie was out, he was 10. Apparently Paul saw the whole movie and loved it. Like my brother who is a few years older and I’m sure other boys at the time, he became very interested in the Titanic itself. Paul built a model of Titanic and learned to draw it. He’s sure he could still draw it from memory because he has done it so many times.

This movie was nominated for fourteen Academy Awards and won eleven. So, it’s clear that it was appreciated by other people. I guess it just wasn’t for me, or my older sister Katie, who I watched it with. I can’t deny that I’ve loved other things the director and actors have done.

Now I can say I have seen all of one of the most iconic movies of my generation. Hurray!

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Shoe Shopping


comfy cozy footwear

Recently, I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a some shoes that were way past their prime, including a pair of black booties, two pairs of flats and a few sandals. The upside? I’m in the market for new shoes!

In summer (and these fall heats waves we get California), I tend to go barefoot around the house and wear flip flops outside. I’m excited for cooler weather because it means showing off great footwear. Although I wish that could include strappy things, I’ve decided that comfort is key for me. I don’t care how cute a shoe is if it means getting foot cramps after an hour of wear. Comfy, cute and casual are what I’m looking for now. Most of these are out of my price range, but it’s always fun to window shop. I got the slippers and tan pumps shown above and just had to share them.

Shoe Dreams: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9