Summer lookbook and a few of my favorite things lately

Sunday outfit 2

One of my favorite ways to stay cool in the California heat is to go to an indoor mall and walk around, maybe buy a few things, but mostly window shop. In between all that strolling around in the nice air conditioned space, I’ll get a pretzel. Hence, the shots in this summer lookbook video of me eating a pretzel and laughing like a big dork.

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My everyday makeup

my everyday makeup routine

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! I’ve been focused on YouTube and the rest of my life but I wanted to stop in. Happy doughnut day, by the way.

In the time I’ve been away from this blog, I posted three new videos to my YouTube channel, including an everyday makeup routine which you can see below.

If there’s anything you would like to see on my channel feel free to let me know. I’ll be back to posting more recipes and photos on here soon.

P.S. I realize it wasn’t too long ago that I showed a makeup routine as a blog post on this site, but I hadn’t made a video. The blog post is more about the products. The video shows the process.

My current favorite beauty products

I published my second video on YouTube a few days ago, so go ahead and take a look. It’s a little embarrassing and low quality. It was fun to make though. I did it all by myself and just filmed on my laptop. No fancy set up yet, but I’m figuring out how to be a better one man band.

I’m sharing my favorite beauty products as of late, which includes skin care, makeup, and a few other things.

What’s in my bag

Pretty much every day, I’ll watch a YouTube video or like 10. After literally years of thinking about putting up videos, I finally did!

In my first video, I’m sharing what’s in my purse and what’s in my backpack.

I use the same pink cross body bag from H&M every day. I got it on Black Friday two years ago, so it’s no longer on the H&M website, but you can find similar options here and here.

I have become so used to it. I’ll switch purses if say I want to bring my camera in a purse and I need a bigger bag for that. If I’m going on an interview or somewhere where I want to look extra nice, I’ll use a tan purse that’s at least twice the size.

My backpack is the gray and tan Heritage Mid Volume backpack from Herschel. I didn’t mention this in the video, but what I especially like about this backpack is that it has a laptop sleeve.

I’ve never blogged about what’s in my bag before, even though it’s a very common thing for bloggers and vloggers. I actually took pictures to do a post on this a while ago, but deleted them.

Any way, I hope you get a kick out of me being a big goofball as I talk about my stuff and that this video makes you smile.