A lovely weekend

pink flowers and dress

Hello lovely people!

I hope you guys had a nice weekend, whether you did anything special for Valentine’s Day or not. Personally, I love Valentine’s Day. I l love love and it’s nice seeing it everywhere. So, I thought I would share some photos from my weekend with you.

On Friday night, my mom met my oldest sister and I ate a California Pizza Kitchen with flowers from a local grocery store. She’s is honestly the sweetest lady I know! I wish I would have given her something too. I’ll think of something and give it to her when she’s least expecting it.

While in the restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many families were out to dinner together. Maybe that had something to do with the time we were eating. We got to the restaurant around 5:30 p.m., so it makes sense that there were babies and little kiddos with their parents. I thought it was sweet! Maybe the parents couldn’t get a babysitter, but I would like to think at least some of those parents wanted to share the restaurant experience with their little ones.


Even though I tried not to care about Valentine’s Day and not getting to spend the actual day with my boyfriend, I still let the expectations get to me this weekend. Ugh, expectations. Don’t expectations suck? I say chuck ’em out the window if you can.

The thing is, Paul is such a go-with-the-flow guy and I love making plans. I don’t mean to air my dirty laundry in public, but I also don’t want to say everything is perfect all the time. What I will say is this. Communication is the key to life. He didn’t even realize I wanted him to decide what to do until I told him. He likes letting me pick our itinerary most of the time because he’s a sweetheart and I normally love being the boss. Once we actually discussed our feelings, we had a really nice weekend.

Santa Monica for Valentine's weekend

The photo set above is from Paul’s Instagram. On Sunday we walked from his apartment to the Santa Monica pier and then wandered around the promenade. It was really beautiful out. The weather was nice. I didn’t even need to wear the sweater I brought along. Sadly, I ended up losing it. It must have fallen out of my arms on our walk back to his apartment. Goodbye, perfect yellow Target cardigan. I miss you already.

Oh guys! I have to mention that I can cross one thing off my 24 before 24 list now. Yay! I tried hot sake at this Thai place we went to. The restaurant was called Thai Dishes. Funny name if you ask me. The food was delicious. The sake was, well, interesting. It’s strong and reminded me of vodka. I’ll probably never order it again. I don’t think it’s “my thing.” But it was cool to try!

I have today off from my internship, so I’m going to use it to try more new things and cross stuff off to-do lists. That means practicing coding, practicing Spanish, catching up on blog posts, maybe helping my mom sew and maybe finally fishing Divergent. Oh yeah! I got an internship, by the way! I waited two weeks to say anything on here. Life is looking up!

A love story

Sparkelers and love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I thought I would share a little love story with you. Bear with me.

(If you feel like reading a romantic story, please read on. If not, perhaps you will enjoy this post written a few months ago in which I wrote about how I came to love my Jack Russell Terrier.)

Our love story

The first time I saw Paul was in our school’s newsroom in 2011. He was one of the last students in for our first staff meeting of the summer. It was just a few weeks before school, or maybe even less, and we had to plan out the first issue of the year. He was wearing a blue button up shirt with a fresh rip on the sleeve, jeans and Vans. Such a cutie! The newspaper staff sat down at a round table in the center of the room. I made sure to be one of the first to sit and was happy when he sat next to me.

At least, that’s the way I remember our meet-cute. He remembers seeing me two years before when I worked as a cashier at the Carl’s Jr. on campus and he was a frequent customer. Apparently, I took his order more than once. Sorry sweetie! I still can’t remember that. There were too many customers to keep track of.

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Throwback love songs

Sound Bites 2

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! Happy Galentine’s Day! I’m actually not doing anything for either day this year. Myself and everyone I know seem to be really busy lately. We hang out on other non-holidays, so it’s all good.

I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately. It’s everywhere, am I right? Particularly, I’ve been thinking about romantic love and how my ideas of what that means have changed over the years. Whether you’ve been in love or not, I’m sure you can say the same.

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Inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift guide

Inexpensive Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Have you ever heard of the Five Love Languages? Well, I think one of the ways I like to show love is by giving gifts. I actually like giving gifts more than I enjoy getting them. There’s something special about picking something out that will be just perfect for a loved one. It can be even better if the gift is homemade.

Since I enjoy gifting, I like looking at gift guides too, although I don’t think I have ever bought something from one. I often find the items are too expensive for my budget. For that reason, I decided to put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide for cheap folk like myself. These items could be great for a girl or a guy. They’re approved by my guy, who isn’t a super manly man and therefore wouldn’t like a lot of the things I’ve been seeing in gift guides.

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