One crazy long weekend

my nephew

No, that is not my baby up top. Of course, I would tell you guys if I had a baby.

So, July has already been a pretty busy month. Summer is much more fun than spring was, at least for me. What do you guys think?

Here are a few things I did in the past five days:

  • Tried to help a man call for a ride while outside of Union Station. Actually helped one guy get on a bus.
  • Ate vegan food in Hollywood and got a discount because my boyfriend used to be in a band with the restaurant owner
  • Cried about LA traffic because I panicked. Good thing I wasn’t driving!
  • Started watching Orphan Black and got sucked in
  • Ate at a new favorite waffle place in Santa Monica
  • Hung out on the Santa Monica sand
  • Celebrated the 4th of July with my boyfriend’s family in Orange
  • Met artist Paul Frank at his pop-up shop in Anaheim
  • Went to a hospital to await the birth of my new nephew
  • Held my sister’s brand new baby when he was just a few hours old

my nephew

Wow, wow, wow. I guess I’ve been busy. This summer has been shaping up to be pretty memorable! Honestly, I didn’t think it would be. At first, I was so bummed to be out of college without a job. I was also super bored being home alone a lot, but I adjusted. Don’t get me wrong, I do still want a job! I would like to earn an honest day’s wage, make money, do what I love, learn new skills, use the ones I’ve got, and actually use my diploma. But it’s not too bad to have free time.

And hey, isn’t my nephew the most adorable little baby ever (besides the cute ones in your life)?

June Adventures

Happy July!

Last month flew by crazy fast for me, but also slow at the same time. Yeah, that makes no sense. But life moves at a different speed when you’re unemployed and out of school.

I was looking through my Instagram account earlier to remind myself what I had done this month. Although some interesting things happened, I was thinking “There must have been more events than that.” I checked my Flickr and it turns out I hadn’t updated it since May. Whoa. That’s odd for me.

So, I decided I need a way to track my adventures besides just Instagram. I need a writing portion. Since I haven’t kept a journal in a few years  and this is my Modern Notebook (get it?) I’ll recap my month here!

last college paperour succulent

I submitted my last college paper, which I stapled in the library that has a sense of humor, apparently. Paul and I got our first plant for his apartment. Every time I look at it, I think of the love fern in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Well, the boyfriend hasn’t broken up with me yet.

we're alumni now Cal Poly ladies

Graduation day! Every time I think of the phrase “graduation day” I think of Reba McEntire saying “Here’s Cheyenne and Van on Cheyenne and Van’s graduation day.” The Reba show was the best. Any way, I graduated! I couldn’t have done it without these beautiful people.

Grandma's favorite place Snoopy and friends

These ladies are the best. Summer is my favorite. I got to go to Laguna and Knott’s Berry Farm in the same week. #Blessed

DTLA bookstore cutesy tea time


My adventures took me to Downtown LA one day, where I wandered around The Last Bookstore. Later I took a bus to Santa Monica and got desperately lost for an hour. But it worked out. A few days later I was relaxing in a tea house in San Dimas.

best friend adventure beautiful ocean

The best friend and I took a one day trip to Santa Barbara on the Amtrack on Monday. That was quite an adventure! Neither of us had been on the Amtrack before. It was a good option, especially considering that we don’t drive much or own cars. We got to see Isla Vista, where she will be living in fall, and even splashed around in the water at the beach. It’s crazy how close of a walk the beach was!

Wow, wow, wow! June was pretty perfect, I must say.

All the photos in this post were taken from my Instagram. Follow me, if you would like! I just started doing a photo challenge for July on Instagram by Postcards from Rachel. You can find out more about that here.

Did you guys have any adventures in June? What are you most looking forward to in July? 

My first Coachella experiencce

Coachella cuties

I had so much fun going to Coachella with my boyfriend and his sister this past weekend. We left on Friday afternoon and got back Monday. It was cool seeing some of my favorite bands with the biggest music nerds I know. We even saw a few celebrities! Jaden and Willow Smith along with Kylie and Kendall Jenner were standing behind us during Ellie Goulding’s set. That was pretty cool. It’s hard to pick a favorite moment or favorite band. Aloe Blacc, Solange, HAIM, Lorde, Frank Turner and Arcade Fire were all good.

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Looking back on 2013

I was lucky enough to spend 2013 with some beautiful souls and go to some pretty cool places. I took a long time today to reflect on 2013 partly because I was putting together this Flipgram video of photos. It can be easy to forget what all happened in a year and when, which is why I like to reflect on it in the end. It makes me remember all the good.

Here are some of my favorite things that happened in 2013.


I celebrated turning 22 in February with some of my favorite people.


Paul and I celebrated one year of being a couple in March.

Paul and I went to Santa Barbara and Solvang. It was so perfect!

Katie's wedding

My sister and her (now) husband got married in Paso Robles. It was beautiful! I am now happy to call her husband my brother. Also, I got to be a bridesmaid for the first time!

Paul and I took a short trip to San Francisco for his work. He live GIF’ed fun. in concert.


Ximena Sarinana

Sometime in the summer, Paul and I  saw some good, free, small concerts. We saw a band called Mr. Little Jeans and a singer named Ximena Sariñana.

Later on we went to FYF.



In September, I was given a promotion at work and the opportunity to lead some awesome writers.

my boy

Paul turned 26 in November. He’s getting old. ;)

In December, I had a story about my dad published on HelloGiggles.

Paul and I celebrated Christmas with our families.

I’ll admit that without going back over the year, I thought it was only okay. Now I see how truly great it was. I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to, but I did have a lot of fun and get some goals accomplished. I hope your 2013 was good too. I’ll see you in the new year!


my dear friend Ana made me this pillow

Working on: Yesterday I had my last final of my undergraduate career. I’m done with finals! Yay! I’m done with college, sort of. I still have to get an internship, get it approved by my department chair, complete 200 hours and write a ten page paper about it. Then I will be officially done. So, I’m working on getting an internship and possibly a part time job as well. I’m also working on learning Spanish with Duolingo and learning coding with Treehouse. I’m basically re-learning Spanish at this point because I’m still in the beginning lessons. I went up to Spanish 3 in high school, but I forgot a lot of it because I don’t practice enough. Besides that, I’m also working on getting “tough” skin. I was recently reminded of how sensitive I can be.

Thankful for: I am so thankful for my college career, the experiences it gave me the classes I was able to take, the jobs I’ve had and the friendships I’ve made. I met my boyfriend in college, made other close friends and altogether had some of the best years of my life so far. Today I got to hang out with two of my favorite people from college who I hadn’t seen for months, which is just ridiculous. They already graduated, so know I guess we (almost) all did. It’s still crazy thinking I’m (almost?) at the end of it.

Listening to: I really, really want to listen to Beyonce’s new album, but my phone is being stupid. It keeps running out of storage space and can’t downloaded all of them. Instead I listed to “I Am…Sasha Fierce” and “4” for a few hours this morning.

Reading: These past few months I’ve read a lot of online material, whether it be articles, tweets, or blog posts. I haven’t read any books besides those assigned for class though, except for one that wasn’t assigned but I used it for a final paper. That book was “Where We Stand: Class matters” by bell hooks. I didn’t read the whole thing though, but I want to so it’s going on my ever growing list of things to read. I also still want to read “The Lowland” by Jhumpa Lahiri. I pre-ordered it but I still haven’t read it!

Watching: So many things! I’m in the middle of so many shows right now, it’s ridiculous. Yesterday I was at Trader Joe’s and told the cashier I had just finished my last final EVER. The conversation got started because he had asked about my Cal Poly Pomona sweatshirt, by the way. He told me that after he graduated college he spent four months watching TV. While that could be really fun, I don’t plan on sitting on the couch for that long (*fingers crossed*). But in my down time I’ll be slowly catching up on Once Upon A Time, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Parenthood, Modern Family and Dr. Who.

Looking forward to: I’m looking forward to celebrating Christmas. It is still hard without my dad, but the season is always important. Now that I’m done with classes, I’m honestly looking forward to all the possibilities life has to offer. I just need to reach out and grab the opportunities available. I should buy a car soon. I should get an internship soon. There are changes happening around me as well that are pretty exciting. My boyfriend is looking into getting his first apartment and leaving his parent’s house. Changes can be scary, but they can also be super, duper exciting!

So what have you been up to lately? By the way, I got this idea from blogger Danielle and she credits her friend Megan for providing the inspiration.

Happy October

Sun through the trees

Happy October! It’s finally starting to feel like fall. I’ve actually been able to wear long sleeves two days in a row. In Southern California! That’s just super exciting to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. It’s just cool when the weather changes too. Get it? It’s cool weather. I crack myself up sometimes.

I love the beginning of every season. Well, scratch that. I love when it’s about a week or two into any season. By then I’ve had a chance to get used to my allergies acting up because of the temperature change. I’ve made a list of goals for the season and mentally prepared for things that are coming up. I’ve made a list of fall goals and will keep reminding myself of them every day by making little steps so that I accomplish them. I prepare not just for the changes in my own future but how the world is constantly changing too. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all the changes.

Standing out

These are pictures I took two weeks ago on campus before school started. At that time I started seeing more people than normal, including more people who looked like professors or staff members and more people who looked like they might be students. The campus still was fairly quiet though. It didn’t get really busy until a few days later. Then Welcome Week started, students moved back on campus, and conferences began for faculty and staff. That week before school started though there was this feeling in the air. Perhaps only I felt it. Perhaps it was a feeling inside me. It’s like I could feel that things were about to change.It has now. The atmosphere is more exciting now, more full of life. This might sound silly, but I think places have feelings too, in a way.

I would like to a do a series of pictures from my college campus. It’s just going to be so funny to leave it. I need some way to say goodbye and to take the memories with me, in a tangible way. It would be nice to have some photos of my favorite spots framed somewhere in my house. Of course, I do only live about fifteen minutes away and can visit any time, but it will be different if I’m not required to go for school or work and I have other things going on, such as a full-time job or internship. As it is one of my goals, I would like to improve my photography skills and I may even retake these photos to make them better.  I know these photos are too flat and grainy, but I’m not sure how to take something better quite yet. Thankfully, I have a digital photography class this quarter.

The road to nowhere

Our bench

Pretty soon it will be holiday season. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it seems to sneak up on me. Do you feel that way too? This year I’ve been preparing my heart to be happy about all the celebrating. I want to take plenty of pictures, but also be in the moment and enjoy every minute.

My weekend (in a ramble)

My eyes are twitching and I’m super tired. But I have to write something. My fingers feel like they have been itching to type all day, even though I wrote earlier at my day job. Well, today I had a long meeting and didn’t do much blog writing. I mostly edited a coworker’s story, which only involved a little bit of writing.

After getting a some inspiration from reading a lot of other blogs, I told myself that I really need to be real on here. So, let me tell you about my weekend. Unfortunately, I barely took any pictures. I forgot to take my DSLR with me places, but did moan about not having it with me enough times to make up for it. None of the pictures on my iPhone did it justice. I really need to get better at taking photos. But for now I have my words.

Sunday was Paul’s sister’s birthday. In the morning I had breakfast with his parents, sister and her boyfriend at a super yummy small Mexican diner that has French dishes too, like crepes and omlettes. I want to eat there every day for the rest of my life. It was that good. Maybe I’ll find a way to do a restaurant review of it. After our meal, the parents split up from the younger crowd. We wandered around an antique shop for a good hour. We cam back to the house and lounged around for a bit.I watched more Parks and Rec because I’m slightly obsessed.

Then one of Paul’s sister’s friends came over and we drove of to LA where our first stop was Olvera Street. While my guy and I were walking around, I asked him “What are your favorite places in the world that you’ve been to?” He thought for a moment. “London, New York, I guess LA…” and drifted off before coming up with others. “But what about more specifically,” I prodded him. He didn’t get what I meant, so I told him mine. My favorite place in LA hands down has got to be Olvera Street. My favorite place in the world is my Grandma Donna’s house. My favorite place on campus is this certain bench my boyfriend and I would meet at last fall before a class we had together. My other favorite places are Laguna, California and Boise, Idaho. He understood then and told me his specific places too.

The rest of the night I was a sleepy one. We ate too much candy and yummy food causing me to fall asleep later when we watched The Breakfast Club on an inflatable screen at LA State Historic Park. (That’s the same park where FYF was by the way.) I fell asleep curled up on a blanket laid down on dirt next to a few of my favorite people and a fairly large crowd of strangers. How could I fall asleep? It was a good movie. I think I just felt so peaceful.

It was beautiful. I hope to do it all again sometime.

In my time away


Today begins a new resolution to look toward the future with as positive an attitude as possible and to always keep blooming.

Looking back on the past year, I think about how blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life (some of whom I plan to feature here) and how much I have learned about life. A few big things in my life started last summer, so in that sense I am celebrating the anniversary of those events.

I moved out of the apartment I had been living in my junior year of college at the beginning of last summer, which was a big change. From there I moved into a new home with my aunt, mom and sister. That has definitely been an adjustment for me as it is a bit of a loss of independence, but it helps that I have such good, patient family members.

Last June I also started a new job as writer and editor for a marketing department at my school, Cal Poly Pomona, called Gas Creative Group. It is part of Associated Students, Inc., which is a non-profit corporation supported by student fees. It can be a little difficult to explain at times. Any way, through that job I have learned a lot about marketing, especially when it comes to blogs and social media. I’m happy to say I’m still working there and get to “learn by doing,” as the CPP motto goes.

Tomorrow I start an internship where I will be doing various communication work for a local non-profit. This will be my very first position off campus! Actually, it’s not if you count volunteering at my church or local library. I have had great experiences on campus working for a food place, the college newspaper and a marketing department but now it will be good to go away from my campus that feels like home.

At the internship I will mostly be working on social media but I have it on good authority that I will also learn grant writing and get to work on a press release. That should be good! I may also start the company’s blog. That part might be the most exciting, although it all sounds good.

Pretty soon it will be time for other big events and milestones too.

I’m looking forward to celebrating my one and a half year dating anniversary with my boyfriend. It’s fun to celebrate half year anniversaries too and I’ll make up any milestone to make a day extra special with him.

After two years without a car, I’m finally financially, mentally and emotionally ready to buy a car. Yeah, that sounds pretty dramatic. More on that later. So, I should definitely get a car by December any way.

In a little more than a month I’ll be starting my final quarter in college. I’ll be a super senior in my fifth year. But for good reasons! It’s going to be good to be done but I’ll miss it like crazy.

Here’s to preparing for the future and living in the now.

Thankful Thursday: It’s a beautiful day

It is good to be thankful for the things you have every day. Recently, I decided that even if I am always thankful, Thursday will be the day that I write down what I am especially thankful for at the time. It is a good way to start out any morning.

After all,

Try writing down what you are thankful for with a good old fashioned pen and notebook, blogging about it or even making a “thankfulness” collage to remind you to take comfort in the beautiful things in life. For this first post, I will just have a short list. As a future project I plan to start a thankfulness collage journal to include pretty pictures, inspirational people and notes about fun times with friends or family. I really like this beautiful journal that I found on Pinterest. Oh yeah, I started a Pinterest account earlier this week and you can follow me here. More on that later. Anyway, the collage is totally cute and it’s from the blog I Love It All With Monika Wright.

Today, I am thankful for…

  • the great time I had with my friends and family last night eating tacos and spending time together just for fun.
  • the chance I had to hear The Summer Twins live last night at Burger Records and meet them after. They were really nice.
  • my best friends. My boyfriend Paul, my childhood forever best friend Daniela and my two older sisters Katie and Mary all make life sweeter.
  • my family. In addition to my sisters, I am also thankful for my mom and aunt. After all, without them I wouldn’t have a place to live! I am also thankful for my brother, sister-in-law and their two kids. Of course, I can’t forget all my extended family too and I have a lot!
  • God, the creator of the universe. Without Him I wouldn’t be here. I believe He made all things and that means a lot.
  • a summer break from school. Sometimes I wish I was taking classes right now and that summer classes weren’t so expensive at my school, which has to do with them not being state-supported as they are during the rest of the year, but I am grateful that I have a break.
  • technology and innovations. I am so glad I have my own laptop thanks to my aunt who gave it to me two years ago. I am so glad that my house has running water, toilets and showers. Thanks to my laptop and giving aunt I was able to write this bblog post and draw the pictures for it on the computer.
  • pretty dresses. I share a closet with my sister Mary and I tend to get jealous that she has so much more clothes than me. She has a lot of shirts, skirts, cardigans and yes, pretty dresses, compared to me, but today I am grateful for what I do have. I’ll try to keep that up.

Some of these things I’m thankful for are pretty basic and I should be thankful for every day. I’ll try to make the list different every Thursday and a little specific to that week.

What are you thankful for?