Winter playlist

Winter playlist

Happy winter! Last week I had fun making this winter playlist for The Campus Crop. You can see the original post, along with all the YouTube videos for the song here. It’s a fun little playlist with some indie songs and some newish songs that very well could turn into classics.

I love making playlists! Although I like to include songs I already know and love, I usually end up discovering gems along the way. “Winter Song” has been one of my favorites for five years now. (Wow!) “Sweater Weather” and “Warmest Part of Winter” were both recommended by a a coworker. I heard “Something Bells” playing in my boyfriend’s car when the music from his iPhone was on shuffle and I fell in love with it. Just kidding. I’m in love with him, so I guess I fell in a deep like with the song. (Side note: I say love a lot.) The other six songs in the playlist are ones I discovered on this wonderful thing called the Internet.

I think these winter-y songs are pretty awesome and hopefully you do too!

The playlist below has all the songs from my “10 Songs for a Winter Night” post, except “Got Something For You,” a collaboration between Best Coast and Wavves. This song is pretty damn adorable and you might be cooler for listening to it. It’s not on Spotify, but you can hear it from this YouTube video.

Happy listening! Merry Christmas!

P.S. I’ll be posting once more before taking a break for the rest of December. I don’t know who I’m saying this to, since I don’t have a lot of followers. Just know that there will be an amazing cake recipe posted tomorrow, then a break and then I’m moving full speed ahead!

New York playlist

Tuesday Tunes: Trying New Things

Happy Tuesday!

More than ever, I’ve been inspired by those around me. I’m finding inspiration everywhere, especially from other creative types. One such person is a cute cousin of mine. (Maybe I shouldn’t say his name on here. After all, I didn’t get permission to share this little bit.) He recently moved to New York to pursue modeling. Although I have mixed feelings about modeling, I am proud of him for making moves. He is pursuing a goal after being with the same agency for more than a year and moved to New York because it has more opportunity than Los Angeles.

This playlist is for him, but it’s also for you my lovely readers. Imagine being in the Big Apple with me. It’s okay if you’ve never been there. I have yet to go too. We can pretend!

I embedded my Spotify playlist “New York I Love You,” but just in case that doesn’t work you can also see the list below.

Song ——————————————–Artist

Saddr Weirdr———————————Bomb the Music Industry


I Love It—————————————–Icona Pop

Don’t Look Back —————————-She & Him

Paris Nights/New York Mornings—–Corrine Bailey Rae

Take Back The Night ———————–Justin Timberlake

Fake Empire ———————————–The National

New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down—-LCD Soundsystem

Summer In The City ———Regina Spektor

Empire State of Mind——–Alicia Keys

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day weekend

A few weeks ago I put together a list of the 10 best songs of summer for my work, and I just thought I should share it on here. It could be great for listening to at a backyard barbeque or while finishing up a to do list. Basically it’s good for most things. It’s what I’ll be listening to when making cookies later.

I hope you all are having an awesome weekend!

I’ve been spending today deep cleaning my room while watching a ton of Parks and Recreation. Yesterday the boyfriend and I went shopping together. The day before we went to Laguna Beach with his sister and her boyfriend. Friday night I got to hang with my other best friend. So, I could say it’s been a pretty good weekend.

Sunny songs for an overcast beach day

It’s an overcast summer day in Southern California, which is perfect for the beach, right? Not really, but I’m off to the beach any way. My boyfriend, his sister and I are going to a beach for the first time this summer. I am so excited that I made a playlist for the occasion. Do you make playlists for seasons and trips too? It’s so fun to do! The beach playlist I made is down below.

Click to hear on Spotify!

I put the playlist on Spotify after burning it to a cd. Now you can hear it too.

I made this playlist yesterday and added some new music to my iTunes library in the process. I got lucky too! Looking for some new songs brought me to NPR Music’s site through a post with the Top 25 Favorite Album of 2012 (So Far)  and the song of the day just so happened to be one described as a “shoegaze lover’s dream.” Paul is a shoegaze lover and musician, so I just had to get “Candy Girl” by Trailer Trash TracyNPR’s Top 25 list also got me to download “Words in the Fire” by Patrick Wilson. Both are pretty sweet airy tunes that are perfect for a relaxing summer day.

What are your favorite summer tunes?