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kitty singing

Monday, Monday.

How do you add some excitement to your day? Personally, I can’t get through the day without music. Well, of course I can, but why would I want to? New music can be especially exciting.

Music speaks to my soul. Whether I am happy, sad, angry, or need a lift in spirits, music is there for me.

Lately I’ve been listening to the same album over and over and over again. It’s just beginning to get old. When I say the same album I mean Beyoncé by Beyoncé and when I say lately I mean ever since it came out two months ago. It’s great and all, but I’m tired of just about everything else saved on my phone and admittedly getting tired of that too.

I was already planning on posting a work playlist on my blog today when someone on Twitter asked all her followers (of which I am included) what we listen to during work. It’s funny how the internet work like that. Also, when I say today I mean yesterday. I haven’t gone to bed yet, so it’s still Monday right? Right? It’s only 15 minutes after midnight in California and I was running around a lot today.

All this to say my boyfriend shared a new work playlist he made on Spotify with me last week and I got permission to share it here. It’s mellow, but there are some energetic tunes in there too. In Paul’s own words, “It goes from indie/electro to dance and then down to soul and mellow tracks.” I actually went back and got that quote from a text like a the weirdo I am.

My favorite songs on the playlist are by Wild Nothing, Blood Orange, AlunaGeorge, St. Vincent and Arcade Fire.

What about you? What do you like to listen to when you’re at work?

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Throwback love songs

Sound Bites 2

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! Happy Galentine’s Day! I’m actually not doing anything for either day this year. Myself and everyone I know seem to be really busy lately. We hang out on other non-holidays, so it’s all good.

I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately. It’s everywhere, am I right? Particularly, I’ve been thinking about romantic love and how my ideas of what that means have changed over the years. Whether you’ve been in love or not, I’m sure you can say the same.

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I guess I’m feeling the letter “M” today. The first thing I listed to today was M83’s Saturday = Youth. It’s just absolutely perfect for a lazy weekend soundtrack. It practically says that in the name. When I wanted more sound later on I lazily scrolled down my boyfriend’s iTunes library until Memory Cassette caught my eye. He put most of the songs from Call & Response on mix CDs when we first started dating, therefore that album will always hold a special place in my heart. Mexican Institute of Sound was next. rad. I saw them live two Halloweens ago at the KCRW Halloween Ball. Although I only understand every tenth word, I love listening to music in Spanish. Some people think that’s weird. If you’re like me, just ignore the haters.

Happy Monday, friends!

I’m going to Coachella for the first time

Coachella Lineup

This year I will be going to Coachella for the first time. I’m so excited! I’m also a little nervous. That’s how I feel about almost any new venture. As long as the excitement outweighs the nervous feelings then I know whatever the things is will be amazing.

For those of you that don’t know what Coachella is, let me tell you what little I know about it. Coachella is an annual three-day music and arts festival held in the California desert. The event takes place in the city of Indio, which is in Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley.

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My top 20 Beyoncé songs

My top 20 favorite Beyonce songs

Beyoncé released a self-titled visual album, which I’m sure you’ve heard about by now. I bought it the day it came out, finally saw all the videos. It’s beautiful and moving. I cried I laughed and it keeps making me think.

So I decided I would write a post about why I love Beyoncé and her new album. I don’t know if I can say it any better than Jess Tholmer did on HelloGiggles a few weeks ago though. Basically, Beyoncé is smart, funny, hot, inspiring, badass and honest in so many ways.

To be different, I’m going to make a list of my 20 favorite Beyoncé songs and tell you why they’re awesome. This goes out to all the lovers and the haters.

20. Beautiful Liar

19. Single Ladies

18. Listen

17. XO

16. Haunted

15. Drunk In Love

14. Run the World

13. Schoolin’ Life

12. If I Were A Boy

11. Diva

10. Halo
This song always makes me think of my man. He’s my angel.

9. Crazy In Love
It’s just so fun to sing and the video is perfect.

8. I Was Here
“I just want them to know/ That I gave my all, did my best / Brought someone to happiness / Left this world a little better just because / I was here.” Me too, Beyonce. Me too. Also, this video makes me cry and leaves me inspired.

7. Love On Top
My love values me and that’s very important to me. He puts my love on top.

6. Blue
This song is so beautiful. Little babies grow up so fast. I know I’ll be singing this to my future babies years from now.

5. Partition
Beyonce really embraces her sexuality on this album, even though it’s her first since becoming a mother.

4. Irreplacable
It’s so fun to sing and it’s a good lesson that if someone is causing you harm they need to get gone.

3. Countdown
I was watching a YouTube video about Beyonce’s documentary and she said hipsters love this song so she had to put it on “4.” I laughed out loud because I had already been singing it every day for a little while. Yep. I’m a hipster.

2. Pretty Hurts
I felt a very strong emotional connection to this video. She is so brave for making this piece that shows how ideas of beauty can be destructive.

1. Flawless
We strive for perfection. That’s a theme that’s repeated throughout her newest album. But no one can ever be perfect. I love the back story on this song. She brings her childhood performance on TV into it. She also brings in Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I watched her TedTalk video today on YouTube and I think everyone should see it.

Let me tell you something. I haven’t been a Beyoncé fan my whole life. I wasn’t listening to Destiny’s Child as a little Girl. I like rock and country because my siblings did. I was a strange kid who didn’t like pop music much. I wasn’t into Destiny’s Child or  The Backstreet Boys or Brittany Spears or The Pussycat Dolls, whoever.

I’m a Beyoncé fan now though. This list was so hard to put together!

Beyoncé’s new record isn’t full of singles and it deserve to be seen as a whole. It shows like a film. Themes come up again and again, there’s great symbolism and it’s breathtaking. But since the above is a list of my favorites out of all her music, I’m leaving some of the songs off this list. That doesn’t mean they’re not good though.

One more thing! All five of the Beyoncé are on her YouTube channel now. Here’s Part 1 to get you started.

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Winter playlist

Winter playlist

Happy winter! Last week I had fun making this winter playlist for The Campus Crop. You can see the original post, along with all the YouTube videos for the song here. It’s a fun little playlist with some indie songs and some newish songs that very well could turn into classics.

I love making playlists! Although I like to include songs I already know and love, I usually end up discovering gems along the way. “Winter Song” has been one of my favorites for five years now. (Wow!) “Sweater Weather” and “Warmest Part of Winter” were both recommended by a a coworker. I heard “Something Bells” playing in my boyfriend’s car when the music from his iPhone was on shuffle and I fell in love with it. Just kidding. I’m in love with him, so I guess I fell in a deep like with the song. (Side note: I say love a lot.) The other six songs in the playlist are ones I discovered on this wonderful thing called the Internet.

I think these winter-y songs are pretty awesome and hopefully you do too!

The playlist below has all the songs from my “10 Songs for a Winter Night” post, except “Got Something For You,” a collaboration between Best Coast and Wavves. This song is pretty damn adorable and you might be cooler for listening to it. It’s not on Spotify, but you can hear it from this YouTube video.

Happy listening! Merry Christmas!

P.S. I’ll be posting once more before taking a break for the rest of December. I don’t know who I’m saying this to, since I don’t have a lot of followers. Just know that there will be an amazing cake recipe posted tomorrow, then a break and then I’m moving full speed ahead!

New York playlist

Tuesday Tunes: Trying New Things

Happy Tuesday!

More than ever, I’ve been inspired by those around me. I’m finding inspiration everywhere, especially from other creative types. One such person is a cute cousin of mine. (Maybe I shouldn’t say his name on here. After all, I didn’t get permission to share this little bit.) He recently moved to New York to pursue modeling. Although I have mixed feelings about modeling, I am proud of him for making moves. He is pursuing a goal after being with the same agency for more than a year and moved to New York because it has more opportunity than Los Angeles.

This playlist is for him, but it’s also for you my lovely readers. Imagine being in the Big Apple with me. It’s okay if you’ve never been there. I have yet to go too. We can pretend!

I embedded my Spotify playlist “New York I Love You,” but just in case that doesn’t work you can also see the list below.

Song ——————————————–Artist

Saddr Weirdr———————————Bomb the Music Industry


I Love It—————————————–Icona Pop

Don’t Look Back —————————-She & Him

Paris Nights/New York Mornings—–Corrine Bailey Rae

Take Back The Night ———————–Justin Timberlake

Fake Empire ———————————–The National

New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down—-LCD Soundsystem

Summer In The City ———Regina Spektor

Empire State of Mind——–Alicia Keys

Trying new things

Tuesday Tunes: Trying New Things

Note: It’s Wednesday where I live, but I wrote this last night and right when I was about to press publish my computer turned off. It’s old and got overheated. Okay, now for the stories.

As much as a I hate to admit this, most of the time I listen to the same songs over and over again until I get tired of that record, playlist or album on repeat. It’s kind of bad. I want to be in the know , but I don’t always keep up. What can I say? I like what I like…until I don’t as much. It’s come to that point again.

This summer, I’ve been listening to a lot of JT’s Suit & Tie, Beyonce all day every day, all the songs and artists from this summer playlist, as well as whatever amazing music is playing on my favorite stations, KPCC and KSPC. I hear about new country music from my sister and new other stuff from my boyfriend. Ew. I tell them about new stuff once in a while too though. Point being, I haven’t been going out and searching for new music in a while, which is weird for me.

There are more than a few artists I’ve been meaning to listen to so tonight I’ve been on a music marathon. I’m falling in love with Drake, Janelle Monae and M.I.A. One day last week when my sister and I were doing the dishes the one M.I.A. song I have came on my iPhone and she said something along the lines of, “Ew why are we listening to this? I don’t like this.” I was like “What?! This song is amazing. It’s M.I.A. You don’t know who M.I.A. is?,” when in reality, I don’t know who M.I.A is. I know almost every word to Bad Girls and was totally into Paper Planes when it first came out, but besides that I don’t know. That’s about to change though.

Next week there is going to be a welcome back concert at my university and I might get to interview the artist for work. Yay! Although a headliner has not been confirmed or announced, it’s almost certainly going to be a hip-hop artist. I know that because it’s the word on the street. Just kidding. It’s the word in the hallways and from my supervisors, who are planning the whole thing. So, my direct supervisor told me I can’t be “indie girl Erin” when I’m interviewing a hip-hop artist. I need to brush up a bit and know my shit. Well, she didn’t use those words, but you know, something to that effect.

I want to listen to a wider variety of music besides my usual country and indie tunes. Any ideas?