Links I love v. 9

Hello Internet friends! I hope you all are having a lovely weekend and that you had a good, productive week.

I have to tell you all, I am so super excited for tomorrow because there’s going to be a St. Patrick’s Day dinner at my house. Although St. Patrick’s Day is on Monday, my family will be celebrating it a day early so that my mom can have time to cook it. My boyfriend and best friend are coming over, which I am so happy about because we don’t usually hang out together that much. We don’t live all that close together and we’re busy people, so I think my two favorite people have only met three or four times in two years.  Which is just crazy! My oldest sister and brother-in-law will also be coming over and a few more family members may or may not. We’ll see.

Guys, I’m so excited for St. Patrick’s Day dinner that I may even blog about it later on. I want to take pictures of the food, the decorations and the people. Hopefully the people don’t protest.

So I think you will be hearing a lot more on my St. Patrick’s Day dinner, why I celebrate and all that jazz later on. For now, let’s get on with the links.

DIY movie stub pillow

I’m a sucker for romance and reading DIYs. If only I was one of those people that actually enjoyed doing DIY projects. Any way, check out this Movie Stub Pillow on Mallory Makes Things.

Akilah Hughes is one of the funniest people on the internet, according to me. Here is a makeup video she did with a bunch of different products. I don’t want to get into details at the moment, but a daily task at one of my internships is to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube. Yes, I’m serious and that makes this all the more hilarious for me than it would have been previously.

These Root Beer Float Cookies look so good. I want to make them for my grandma. Her birthday is next month and sadly, I’ll be missing it for Coachella, so I should give them to her to make up for it.

Ugh periods. Who needs them. Am I right? That’s why I absolutely loved this funny and helpful post on The Man Repeller entitled Beating the Crimson Wave.

Ashlina of The Decorista shared beautiful photos in her post 10 things that rocked my world this week. SXSW 2014 edition.

I also loved seeing SXSW photos on Instagram from Paul who was at SXSW for Yahoo (he’s an editor) and Hillary Anne, Vagina::The Zine editor-in-chief, who was reporting on the festival for Bitch Magazine.

P.S. You may have noticed that I updated my blog design. What do you think? Be honest. I’m still trying to think of a new blog name and url that isn’t already taken. I’m open to suggestions.

Happy early St. Patrick’s Day to the Irish, wee-bit-Irish (like me) and everyone else! I’ll put my St. Patrick’s day post up Monday, if not before.

Links I love v. 8

Happy International Women’s Day!

To all the females in the world,  you rock! Let’s celebrate! I have curated some links especially for the occasion.

First off, check out this speech by Lupita Nyong’o about self-love and beauty at the Black Women in Hollywood Awards.

Lupita’s Oscar speech for Best Supoorting Actress in 12 Years a Slave was beautiful too.

Canadian men's hockey player

Two-time Olypic gold medal winner Shannon Szabados has become the first female to join the Southern Pacific Hockey League. Sounds pretty badass to me!

Wazhma Frogh, who received the International Woman of Courage award in 2009 for her women’s rights activism in Afghanistan talks about the state of women’s rights in the country in this AP story.

Reuters photographers took photos of mothers and daughters around the world, asking them about their profession, education and goals. The resulting series is very interesting.

Why are you happy to be a woman? That’s the question over on the Manrepeller blog today. Join the conversation with me there.

Also, I thought I would plug my favorite charity on this special day. Perhaps you already give, but I thought I would just let you know about an organization that helps communities around the globe. I’m talking about World Vision. The Christian organization aids in education, health, economic development and disaster relief, to name a few areas.

Oh and just in case you’re curious about who started this day any way, here are one, two, three handy-dandy links about it.

Links I love v. 7

New Yorker Magazine editorial

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about job searching, employment, writing and stuff like that. Of course, that’s because I’ve been doing some job searching, now I have two internships and I’m looking forward to graduating college in about three months. It’s crazy how fast this school year is going by!

To any one out there reading this who is looking for a job, thinking of switching careers  or even finishing up school soon too, I wish you the best. We can do get through it together. In fact, I’m going to try to make it easier on you all by sharing some links to helpful resources on getting a job. The last few are specific to writers and the rest are good tips for anyone.

Need to brush up on the basics of job searching? These tips from Rookie are a great start. Rookie- Help Wanted, Help Still Wanted

I found this Buzzfeed article about how to score your dream job SUPER encouraging.

What if you don’t know what your dream job is? Take a quiz! (I got writer. Yay!)

Once you get an interview, it’s time to plan the perfect outfit. Cool! Actually, I find it really hard. This kind of helped. Also, be prepared for your interview.

Kerry over at Welcome To Ladyville shared her experience getting jobs in her field (writing) and I loved it. I actually emailed her wanting to know how she does it and then she wrote the blog post about getting a writing “day job” in response. Awesome!

Writers need clips. That means they need written pieces they can show people to prove they can write. This goes for a number of jobs, I’ve found, including public relations, copywriting, journalism, and so on. Here’s more info on clips.

I leave you with this GIF set:

I'm an adultfeel right

still a teenagerallowed to grow up

Top image via New Yorker Magazine. Bottom GIF set from my Tumblr. Original source can be found there).

Links I love v. 6

I am planning to post this series “Links I love” every Saturday. I was going strong for the first 5 weeks, but then missed the last two. Oops! What can I say? I got a little busy and a lot unorganized for a bit. Therefore, this week I present to you a lot, a lot of links!

Some of these things are serious, some are silly and some are both. I feel a little odd putting them all together like this. Maybe I should stop that. Read on and tell me what you think.

Sweet story about a boy and dog
There’s a sweet story behind this photo.

The Allies Pie via The Hairpin
This is funny to me.

Lorde, Disclosure GIF
Disclosure, Lorde and AlunaGeorge performed ‘Royals/White Noise’ at the Brit Awards. Watch it here! My guy made the GIF.

This article from The Hairpin on Baby Showers is how I’ve felt about the subject for a while.

This Buzzfeed article sums up the case of an officer who shot a young black man.

This anecdotal true story on violence in schools talks about how black youth are disproportionately affected.

This video on women in prison that I found on Tumblr made me cry. Now I need to figure out what to do about it.

Emma of A Beautiful Mess wrote about changing dreams.

Creative Lady Gina Abelkop says “Nothing has to look or read or feel a certain way. You need very little to write: pen & paper.”

I’m absolutely loving this new blog The Siren, which is a collaboration between illustrator Maritza Lugo, writer Julia Gazdag, and writer Shannon Robb. They run the blog and it looks like they have other people joining in.

Side note: My internet friend Helen Venya and my real-life friend Farheen Dayala each updated their websites recently. I love the looks.

I have GOT to cook this Take Out Fake Out Pad Thai recipe on HelloGiggles. I’m always saying I will cook and this might be the recipe to get me to do it. Also, these banana chips on Everygoodthing look ridiculously good.

Links I love v. 5

Zoey Deschannel

I’ve got a busy day ahead and didn’t do this post early, so it’s a short one. I’m off to Santa Monica and LA for the day. I hope you all are having a good Saturday! Now on with the links!

Zoey Deschannel is teaming up with Tommy Hilfiger to design her own fashion line for Macy’s. How exciting!

Bitch Media talks with five women who edit magazines for young women. I haven’t listened, yet but it should be good.

Tina Fey on Jerry Seinfield’s ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ is getting some good rep. I still haven’t watched that either!

This interview with an Alhambra couple who got married at the Grammys is sweet. My friend Ana wrote the story.

Akilah Hughes argues that you don’t have to like Macklemore to appreciate the wedding of LGBTQ couples at the Grammys.

Do you struggle to make small talk. Me too. Here’s help.

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Links I love v. 4 (fashion and beauty edition)

In the new Aerie Real campaign, all the photos are (supposedly) unretouched. The author of this AD week article says that her favorite part are the changes to the website. It must be pretty popular because I can’t get the website to load.

USA Olympics uniforms

I’m loving these Team USA opening ceremony Olympics uniforms by Ralph Lauren.

cool Disel model

Fashion blogger and Fashion Week regular Jillian Mercado is among the cast of 23 models featured in Diesel’s campaign. Jillian, who was diagnosed with spastic muscular dystrophy,  is one of those freakin’ amazing people my age working her ass off. Just read the bio on her awesome Tumblr style blog and you’ll see what I mean.

“I woke up like this. I got morning face.” Just watch it already.

Besides those Aerie models, many people in media get Photoshopped. Especially for magazine covers. That means Nicki Minaj and Lina Dunham too. So, does it really matter? I think it does, but this NPR story had me doing some serious critical thinking on the issue.

Joan Rivers is just a jerk and babies aren’t excluded from her not so witty jokes.

So, what’s so bad about needing/wanting to wear makeup and look pretty any way?

Wanting to? Nothing. Needing to? I kind of hate that. That’s why Dove keeps making videos like this Selfie one, which I still don’t 100 percent agree with. I have so much more I want to say about all these issues, so I should really write a long article soon. Consider this an early draft.

Yes, it can be hard to stay positive sometimes and not just because of beauty standards in the media. This article was a friendly reminder to me earlier in the week that we need to be kind to ourselves.

Side note: This Buzzfeed listicle “14 Emotions You’ll Feel While Job Hunting As Told By Mean Girls” is so on point.

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Links I love v. 3

second-trimester Ladies Against Humanity

I’m kind of always looking at my phone or on the computer. I don’t want to admit that it can be a bad habit. I’m a millennial kid! It’s 2014! I’m a Communication major! Media is my life! But sometimes it can be a little much. I’ve been meaning to write a post just on our phone obsessed culture actually.

For now, take a look at what I’ve been reading lately across the web.

Wondering how the whole felfies (farmers + selfies) thing get started? According to this article, it started with the Irish. Heck ya!

Social media is a game and #wining at it can be tough. But I found this guide by Claire Diaz-Ortiz particularly helpful. It’s funny too!

The popular game Cards Against Humanity, which has been described as similar to Apples to Apples but for adults only, is getting a makeover. Here’s an interview with the woman who is giving the game a ladies edition.

Serious stuff
Our culture is way obsessed with beauty, especially the female body. Have you heard about the app marketed at kids that gives overweight “Barbie” plastic surgery? Buzzfeed did a good job covering that. Over on Rolereboot, Soraya Chemaly goes more in depth on on the issue.

Seriously, what’s going on with children’s toys?

I’m glad Amy Poehler won a Golden Globe. She’s amazing. The snubs were disappointing though.

Good to know
Sharing a room is hard. Making good use of any space can be tough! You feel me? Refinery29 has cool tips on how to make the most of a small space.

Buzzfeed quizzes are so on point. Find out what city you should actually live in and which New Girl character you are because I’m dying to know.

And hey, if you’re in LA…
See Ramiro Gomez Jr.’s Domestic Scenes exhibit at the Charlie James Gallery before Feb. 15, if you haven’t already.

Twenty museums will be offering free admission on Saturday, Jan. 25. Yay!

*The above photo was taken from Ladies Against Humanity. (That’s for you, Jen!)

Links I love v. 2

a very symmetrical and average picture of a coffee cup
^^A very symmetrical and average photo of a cup of coffee because I figure you’re probably drinking coffee while you read this.

Have you heard? Joseph Gordon Levitt’s project HitRECord is becoming a TV show! I’m so excited for him and the company! I first found out about it on Tumblr years ago but haven’t been keeping up. The program will be on Pivot TV. If you, like me, don’t have cable, well I think we can still watch it on YouTube. The first episode is up now.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Sasheer Zamata, an ulum of the Upright Citizens Brigade, has been added to the cast of Saturday Night Live. She is the first black actress in five years. If not, well now you know. I understand and appreciate Linda Holmes’ take on how SNL is taking an important first step, but that “Whether this winds up meaning very much will depend on what happens next.” But based on Sasheer’s smart comedy, I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine.

As someone who struggles with anxiety and insecurity myself (actually, doesn’t everyone to some degree) I appreciated this post on anxiety and insecurity by Bri of Design Love Fest.

Seriously, what’s with all the think pieces written by older men about teenage girls? Hazel over at Rookie talks about how teens can have very good taste and overgeneralizing critics need to stop. I recommend following her on Twitter and Tumblr. She’s as funny as I hope to be.

I clicked on this “What Would Lorelai Gilmore Do?” post on The Toast from Welcome to Ladyville’s Wednesday Link Party. Then I came across this Playlist called “Hanging Out With Rory Gilmore” on Rookie. Heaven. I will always be a Gilmore Girls fan.

I was so excited when I found out that Mindy Kalling has her own fashion cover. I mean she does. Except she doesn’t. She’s sharing it with four other women because Elle decided to do one of those things where they have multiple covers. I agree with The Huffington Post that she deserves her own cover. There’s also some controversy about her cover because she’s the only one with a close up black and white photo. I think it’s beautiful though and apparently she likes it too.

I linked to this lecture in my top 20 Beyonce songs post on Monday but I thought it was worth noting again. So here it is embedded!

Wow. This ended up way longer than the first edition. Not saying that’s a bad thing! Have fun reading/watching.