Introducing a new series: Cool People


I think people are amazing. Other people inspire me all the time.

I’ve been lucky enough to encounter some pretty cool people in my life and I’m sure I’ll bump into more all the time. By cool people, I don’t mean celebrity status or anything. I just mean, honest, hard-working, good people who inspire others.

There are plenty of people that I think the Internet should know about, so I’m starting a blog series about them. I’m spreading the word about creative, interesting people in the best way I know how with the means I have. I’ve been trying to think of a name for it and for now I’ve come up with “Cool People.” This will mostly be artists, writers, designers, photographers and other creative types, but I may throw in the occasional lawyer or non-profit manager.

There are some great blog series and podcasts that I’ve been inspired by that have led me to this venture. Those include Creative Ladies, Young Creatives, ModCloth’s Best Job Ever series, and the Girl on Guy podcast.

My series will be a little broader than some. Although I think it’s great when a series has a specific focus, such as female creative types, I don’t want to place a limit on who to interview. At least, that’s the case at this time.

I’ve met people who inspired me at school, at parties, bus stops, concerts and across the Internet. Even just a chance encounter can leave a lasting impression. Have you ever had an instance like that? Of course you have! Everyone has! That’s why I’m sharing the inspiration. I hope to talk to some really awesome people about their passions in life and hear some good stories. Everyone has a story to tell and it’s great to be part of the telling.

I hope you, my lovely readers, are as inspired by the cool people in this series. I’m really looking forward to it!

P.S. Wondering why I used that photo? It’s because we meet many people in our life travels. Some of those can help lead us down great paths.

My favorite time of year

free people October catalog

fall food 1

fall food 2

Fall is my favorite time of year. There are many reasons. The food, the clothes, the weather, the holidays– I could go on and on. Actually, when I say fall I’m thiking about winter a bit too. Fall and winter practically blend together in California, weather-wise. Recently I’ve come across some wonderful fall posts on other blogs that I thought I would share.

Sincerely Kinsey‘s favorite photos from the Free People October catalog

Easy Sweet Potato Pie Pastries by A Beautiful Mess

13 Best Fall Inspired Ice Cream Flavors by Her Campus

P.S. My guy and I were thinking of dressing up as Jesse and Buzz from Toy Story for Halloween, but those costumes seem a bit too hard. I decided on Rosie the Riveter for sure. I might be Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan for a bit too. What are you going to dress up as?

Inspiration from assorted places

Here is a bit of beautiful and inspiring things I have been finding across the internet.

Pony silhouette hoodie DIY via Rebekah Gough

The one glittered nail idea via Loren Conrad guest pinning for Glamour on Pinterest

Stanford Digital Photography course via Missy Creed on Pinterest

These are just three little awesome things I found through Pinterest. Feel free to follow me on  Pinterest.

Sorry the post is so short, but I’ve got to go get ready for a day in downtown Pomona. Later!