Almost 100

My Grandpa’s 100th birthday is coming up in July. My family is having a party for him. Even though he will probably sleep through most of it, as he usually does at family parties, I know he will still enjoy it.

Last night when thinking about what summer projects I want to do I decided on three that may end up holding the most importance. I want to make a video for the party. It will be a montage of family photos and videos from over the years. I also want to make a video about the party from video and pictures I will shoot the day of the party.

I also want to get my grandpa doing things like he used to. At almost 100 years old he is not able to do much, but I am pretty sure he is still able to do some things that he no longer does. He is no longer able to work on cars, but I think he would be able to make a simple clock if given the materials. So, I want to make clocks with my 99-year-old grandpa. I want to do little projects like this with him because I know they should make him feel useful and happier.

I want to do manly projects with my little cousin too. A Pinterest board called Manly Man DIY gave me some inspiration. My 8-year-old step cousin Jason was begging me the other day to tell his parents I would hang out with him (aka babysit) every day so he won’t have to go to summer school. I did not want to agree to that and his mom told him she already paid for summer school, thankfully. I do want to hang out with the kid though and I think doing craft projects would be so fun. I think he would really benefit from some projects rooted in science. We can make clocks and even do more fun things like the whole soda and mint rocket thing.

This summer is going to be so good. Yeah, I need a job and an internship, but I also have so many other ideas that I can do even if I get both of those things. I want to go into business with my childhood best friend selling clothes and jewelry. I’m making an ambitious list of summer projects that I will definitely have to do. I’m so excited!