Merry Christmas

Christmas fireplace

Merry Christmas Eve!

I hope you all are enjoying the holidays. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or some other holiday, hopefully you are enjoying time off and resting up before the new year.

I’m excited to be back into blogging, but I’ll try to give myself a break and not post too much between now and the second week of January. I love Christmas and spending time with those I love. Ha! I just started and ended a sentence with love! How’s that for Christmas spirit?

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Winter playlist

Winter playlist

Happy winter! Last week I had fun making this winter playlist for The Campus Crop. You can see the original post, along with all the YouTube videos for the song here. It’s a fun little playlist with some indie songs and some newish songs that very well could turn into classics.

I love making playlists! Although I like to include songs I already know and love, I usually end up discovering gems along the way. “Winter Song” has been one of my favorites for five years now. (Wow!) “Sweater Weather” and “Warmest Part of Winter” were both recommended by a a coworker. I heard “Something Bells” playing in my boyfriend’s car when the music from his iPhone was on shuffle and I fell in love with it. Just kidding. I’m in love with him, so I guess I fell in a deep like with the song. (Side note: I say love a lot.) The other six songs in the playlist are ones I discovered on this wonderful thing called the Internet.

I think these winter-y songs are pretty awesome and hopefully you do too!

The playlist below has all the songs from my “10 Songs for a Winter Night” post, except “Got Something For You,” a collaboration between Best Coast and Wavves. This song is pretty damn adorable and you might be cooler for listening to it. It’s not on Spotify, but you can hear it from this YouTube video.

Happy listening! Merry Christmas!

P.S. I’ll be posting once more before taking a break for the rest of December. I don’t know who I’m saying this to, since I don’t have a lot of followers. Just know that there will be an amazing cake recipe posted tomorrow, then a break and then I’m moving full speed ahead!

What’s on my wish list

What's on my wishlist

This isn’t some kind of gift guide and I’m not suggesting you all by these things, but I thought I’d just share some things that are on my Christmas wishlist. I feel like this board pretty much says me in a nut shell. Books. Pink. Black. TV show reference. Cutesy, angsty stuff.

If you still need to shop for a hipster like me, definitely take these suggestions into account. Also, Humans of New York is good for anyone who loves humans and black sweatshirts are all always in style for all ages. Not all of these things are actually on the written list I made for my family and I may just treat my self to one of two after achieving something awesome, like getting that job I’ve been wanting.

1) Humans of New York book, 2) “Treat Yo Self” embroidery hoop, 3) Black Hoodie from Target , 4) Pink strappy shoe, 5) Hand drawn wooden heart brooch, 6) Rookie Yearbook 2

Winter wishlist

1.Floral infinity scarf- Target 2. Touchscreen glove- Urban Outfitters  3. Zip up sweatshirt from American Apparel 4. Ferris Wheel iPhone Case on Etsy5. Xavier Rudd Spirit Bird vinyl on SideOneDummy6. Pumpkin Spice Hat on ModCloth 7. Auburn Brigade Tights- ModCloth

Just a little while ago I sent my sister my Christmas wish list after she gave me hers. I’m a little low on winter items and the rest are just desires. Some how all the scarves I used to own and a few pairs of gloves have gone missing. That may have something to do with my moving twice last year. It’s getting colder all the time in California, so I’m going to need some help keeping warm. I’ve been wanting a good sweatshirt, even though that’s not that fashionable. I’m also wanting a new iPhone case, since mine is getting scratched. Records, beanies and tights are always much appreciated.
My wishlist:

1. Woven Floral Infinity Scarf– Target

2. Basic Touchscreen Glove– Urban Outfitters

3.  Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie– American Apparel

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