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I have worked on various brands in both large and small roles, including Lorac cosmetics, J Brand Jeans, Playboy, got2b hair care and Theorie hair care. More details here.

Journalism articles and essays

I have written for my college’s student newspaper, The Poly Post, as well as a few other publications. Here you will find selected pieces from such publications.


Baby Eric_2straight on

Boisestore front viewSanta Barbara oceanMax with his toy

I have loved taking photos since I was a kid and first got a hold of a disposable camera. While in college, I took three photography classes. They centered on film photography, photojournalism and digital photography.

To see more of my photos, view my Flickr account or Instagram.


My blogmy lifestyle blog

Writer, Editor, Photographer

My personal lifestyle blog Modern Notebook focuses on the things I enjoy most – food, fashion and family. Also included are the occasional playlist, movie recommendation and travel post.

Selected Posts:

Chicken tortilla soup
Exploring Beverly Hills
Between lenses: Movement
What I wore to Coachella