Let’s celebrate

let's celebrate

My boyfriend recently went from a contract position at his job to being a permanent employee. We’ve been hoping for this for a while and he’s been working hard to make it happen. Naturally, we had to celebrate. On Saturday, we went back to our college, Cal Poly Pomona, for its annual Pumpkin Festival. Then we headed over to one of our favorite date night hangouts, the city of Claremont. It’s a college town, unlike Pomona. You see, Pomona has one college and it’s mostly a commuter school. Claremont has three colleges within walking distance of many shops. It’s nickname “The city of trees and PHDs” rings true.

We ended up going to a Spanish restaurant in town and ordering some delicious tapas. It was nice to have a long, relaxing dinner and catch up. Of course, we talk every day, but this really gave us an opportunity to bring up things we had forgotten about mentioning.

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Shoe shopping


comfy cozy footwear

Recently, I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a some shoes that were way past their prime, including a pair of black booties, two pairs of flats and a few sandals. The upside? I’m in the market for new shoes!

In summer (and these fall heats waves we get California), I tend to go barefoot around the house and wear flip flops outside. I’m excited for cooler weather because it means showing off great footwear. Although I wish that could include strappy things, I’ve decided that comfort is key for me. I don’t care how cute a shoe is if it means getting foot cramps after an hour of wear. Comfy, cute and casual are what I’m looking for now. Most of these are out of my price range, but it’s always fun to window shop. I got the slippers and tan pumps shown above and just had to share them.

Shoe Dreams: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

In the blue

Before this two week Boise trip, we hadn’t been apart for more than a week. Maybe not even that long. The longest I can think of is when he went to SXSW earlier this year. I probably saw him the weekend before and soon after. I have a terrible memory. Can you tell? I know couples have survived a lot worse. I don’t mean to complain. But man, I’m going to miss him just for a bit.

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What I wore to Coachella

Coachella fashion 1

If you’re at all interested in fashion, you’ve probably seen galleries of “The Best Outfits at Coachella” and recaps from bloggers on what they wore. Besides the typical flower crowns, cutoff shorts, crop tops and big sunglasses, style runs the gamete.

As a first-timer, I thought I had an idea of what to expect. I knew I would see plenty of white people wearing big headdresses and lots of shirtless dudes trying to cool off from the unrelenting Indio sun.

Side note: I was surprised that people of all ages were in attendance. There were families with babies and toddlers as well as couples who looked to be in their 50s.

So, after reading a dozen articles on what to wear to Coachella I packed a whole week before and then threw more stuff in my bag the day of. My goal was too look cute and stay cool, without looking like a character.

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Links I love v. 4 (fashion and beauty edition)

In the new Aerie Real campaign, all the photos are (supposedly) unretouched. The author of this AD week article says that her favorite part are the changes to the website. It must be pretty popular because I can’t get the website to load.

USA Olympics uniforms

I’m loving these Team USA opening ceremony Olympics uniforms by Ralph Lauren.

cool Disel model

Fashion blogger and Fashion Week regular Jillian Mercado is among the cast of 23 models featured in Diesel’s campaign. Jillian, who was diagnosed with spastic muscular dystrophy,  is one of those freakin’ amazing people my age working her ass off. Just read the bio on her awesome Tumblr style blog and you’ll see what I mean.

“I woke up like this. I got morning face.” Just watch it already.

Besides those Aerie models, many people in media get Photoshopped. Especially for magazine covers. That means Nicki Minaj and Lina Dunham too. So, does it really matter? I think it does, but this NPR story had me doing some serious critical thinking on the issue.

Joan Rivers is just a jerk and babies aren’t excluded from her not so witty jokes.

So, what’s so bad about needing/wanting to wear makeup and look pretty any way?

Wanting to? Nothing. Needing to? I kind of hate that. That’s why Dove keeps making videos like this Selfie one, which I still don’t 100 percent agree with. I have so much more I want to say about all these issues, so I should really write a long article soon. Consider this an early draft.

Yes, it can be hard to stay positive sometimes and not just because of beauty standards in the media. This article was a friendly reminder to me earlier in the week that we need to be kind to ourselves.

Side note: This Buzzfeed listicle “14 Emotions You’ll Feel While Job Hunting As Told By Mean Girls” is so on point.

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Grey, yellow and white

Although I don’t do fashion posts on the daily here, I was inspired to make one today. And it all started with the colors grey, yellow and white.

Inspirations can strike in all kinds of places. I was in a coffee shop in Burbank on Wednesday and the decor was giving me so many ideas!

The outside of the building was the first thing that drew me in. A sign on the outside read Commissary in capital letters. name and the typeface drew me in. Not to mention I was hungry after a long trip and had time to kill before an interview across the street. The place was perfect. I wasn’t surprised later when I looked up Commissary coffee and found out it was listed as one of the best places for screenwriters in the Hollywood Reporter.

I’ll have to go more in depth about Commissary in another post. It was that good! What led me to this particular fashion inspiration, however, was the floor, of all things. A yellow, grey and white chevron tile pattern beneath my feet caused me to think about what a great outfit that would make. At first I was just thinking about how the colors are so often used for unisex baby stuff. Someone I know (not me!) is having a baby, so I’ve got baby on the mind. These colors are great any time though, especially because yellow is a sunshine-y hue that helps with creativity.

One thing led to another and I was perusing websites for the perfect grey, white and yellow outfit for a creative working girl.

The outfit

grey and yellow bloazer

Knit blazer from the Gap

Aurora chiffon blouse, Ruche

Chiffon blouse from Ruche


Necklace from Ruche

Velvet skinnies

Velvet skinny jeans from the Gap

kitten heels

Kitten heels from LuLus

Sometimes it can be hard to find a balance between casual and professional. This should do it for those of us in a creative work environment or maybe even going job interview at places like that (me!).

I also enjoy these pairs of pants, one of which is more professional and the other of which wouldn’t fly at most offices, but they are adorable.

This post was brought to you by coffee. The inspiration began at a coffee shop and I wrote it in two sittings with a cup by my side. Ain’t it grand?

My favorite time of year

free people October catalog

fall food 1

fall food 2

Fall is my favorite time of year. There are many reasons. The food, the clothes, the weather, the holidays– I could go on and on. Actually, when I say fall I’m thiking about winter a bit too. Fall and winter practically blend together in California, weather-wise. Recently I’ve come across some wonderful fall posts on other blogs that I thought I would share.

Sincerely Kinsey‘s favorite photos from the Free People October catalog

Easy Sweet Potato Pie Pastries by A Beautiful Mess

13 Best Fall Inspired Ice Cream Flavors by Her Campus

P.S. My guy and I were thinking of dressing up as Jesse and Buzz from Toy Story for Halloween, but those costumes seem a bit too hard. I decided on Rosie the Riveter for sure. I might be Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan for a bit too. What are you going to dress up as?

I still love dress up

The older I get the more I love dressing up and playing dress up. As a kid, I was never all that into dressing up as a certain character. I preferred experimenting with fashions, such as seeing how a dress looked over jeans or wearing a baseball cap backwards. I had a “tomboy” phase, if you will. The older I get the more interested in fashion I’ve become and the more I see how fun it can be to dress up. I come up with outfits in my head without even thinking about it.

A few weeks ago I got to thinking of fun it would be if I styled my outfits after a different female tv show character for several days this month. I don’t want to limit myself to just dressing up on Halloween. That wouldn’t be enough! From there I came up with a list of ten female tv show characters I would love to dress up as.

Without further ado, here they are:

1. Jess – New Girl
2. Rory Gilmore – Gilmore Girls
3. Anne Perkins – Parks and Rec
4. Tina Fey – 30 Rock
5. Lindsey Weir – Freaks and Geeks
6. Kerry Hennessy – 8 Simple Rules
7. Phoebe Bouffay – Friends
8. Hot Lips Houlihan – MASH
9. Lucy – I Love Lucy
10. Mindy Lahiri

Some are plausible, while others would be a little more difficult or even impossible. I actually ranked them in order or plausibility. For instance, being Jess is easy. I practically dress like her character every day. I also have big glasses, brownish hair and like to sing a lot. It would just take talking like Zoey and acting like Jess’ character for people to get that I’m in costume. I love Mindy Lahiri and I could style an outfit after her, but I couldn’t really be Mindy because I’m not Indian or brown at all.

Possibly the easiest an most recognizable character would be Phoebe. I unfortunately don’t have long blond hair, but I do have medium length blondish hair. For Phoebe I would just wear a long skirt or dress, pile on the jewelry and carry around my beat up guitar with me, whilst playing badly.

I plan to try out at least three of these looks and post them on this here blog. Wish me luck! It’s been tough since my computer and my sister’s stopped working recently. I’ll make it happen though.

Happy (early) Halloween!