To new beginnings

Sunset in my neighborhood

It’s been way too long! To be exact, it has been four months and 19 days since my last post. That is just beyond ridiculous for a break in blogging. But, I have decided to revive this same blog with the concept of taking comfort in the little things. So, why the big gap between posts?

It may appear that I just gave up. If that was your guess then give yourself a high-five, you guessed right. The reason I let this blog go back in June is because I had come to think of it as a burden and I wasn’t taking comfort in it. I found it hard to think of story ideas and thought of it more like work or homework than something fun. A blog should be fun, for goodness sake. That was it, I decided. If it’s not fun and I don’t seem good at it, then I will just hold of until the time is right and I have it more planned out.

Around the time I stopped blogging, I got a job at my school doing — guess what — writing for a blog! Yes, I’m living my dream. A few weeks later I got another job on campus basically doing telemarketing, which I stuck with until the beginning of September. That job was not exactly in my dreams, but at least my coworkers were nice. As it was summer and I wasn’t in school, I spent all my free time doing fun stuff and neglecting to blog about it.

Skip ahead to five months later and I am a bit more busy than before. I am still working as a writer/editor for Gas Creative Group at my school where I do blog writing and social media management. (You can read my posts on ASInside and I will post links to some here. The name may be changing soon, but I’ll keep you guys updated on that.) It’s fall quarter of my fourth year in college and more than halfway through the quarter.

As the end of the year approaches I’m thinking more and more about my future career aspirations (as in multiple times a day) including what internships I will do. Just the same, I will find time to blog.

Anyone with a blog could probably attest to the point that a blog takes planning and purpose. It takes some work and although it can be fun, it might not be fun and games all the time. That’s okay. I’m willing to work at it. After all, I have wanted to be a professional writer since I was in second grade. This blog adds to my writing life, so I love it!

Hi lovely people!

Hey, all you beautiful people! Summer is starting and that means I will be doing a lot of projects. As an aspiring journalist and future novelist, I plan to do some projects related to those fields (including this blog!) and keep you updated.  I will be posting about the DIY projects I try out from other blogs and writing about my day to day perfect mistakes. I plan to volunteer, search for an internship, make some money, submit stories to online publications, babysit my cousin, make clocks with my almost 100-year-old grandpa and start a fashion business with my childhood best friend. To keep up with my cupcake recipe testing, clock making, braid learning and t-shirt dying adventures, read on. I will be posting every day.