Happy Labor Day

Labor Day weekend

A few weeks ago I put together a list of the 10 best songs of summer for my work, and I just thought I should share it on here. It could be great for listening to at a backyard barbeque or while finishing up a to do list. Basically it’s good for most things. It’s what I’ll be listening to when making cookies later.

I hope you all are having an awesome weekend!

I’ve been spending today deep cleaning my room while watching a ton of Parks and Recreation. Yesterday the boyfriend and I went shopping together. The day before we went to Laguna Beach with his sister and her boyfriend. Friday night I got to hang with my other best friend. So, I could say it’s been a pretty good weekend.

FYF 10

IMG_2901 (800x592)

Last weekend I went to FYF 10 at in Los Angles State Historic Park. It was so fun! I got to hang out with three of my favorite people — my boyfriend Paul, his sister and her boyfriend. My favorite acts were hands down Ya La Tengo, Solange, and Toro y Moi. Here’s a few pictures of me and my boy at the festival.

IMG_2913 (1024x765)

Day 1


Day 2

DIY: Mix CD album art

This is going to be a picture post tonight before midnight with a better copy added tomorrow when I’m not so tired. I just want to post something tonight and not break my one post per day rule.

Well, today I made a case for the mix cd I will send in to The MixChange this week that is beach day themed. The idea of The MixChange is that if you send in a mix cd, then you get one back. The cd I made is very similar to the mix I posted on Friday, but I got some new songs today and switched some others out. It should have an airy, joyful and thoughtful groove to it. Last year I sent in a mix cd to The MixChange and got a good one back with a great homemade case. Pretty packaging tends to make the thing inside seem extra special to the recipient and I do love me some maps. The case inspired me to make one of my own with a beach theme. I used some great photos  I cut out from adds and articles in SURFER Magazine. Making the case was so easy and fun. Cases like these with personalized mix cds would make a great gift.

The beach themed mix case I made is on the left and the one I received from The MixChange is on the right.

This heart shape says surf on it and was from part of a photo of graffiti. Cut outs of shapes or words can add something special to the collage.

Sunny songs for an overcast beach day

It’s an overcast summer day in Southern California, which is perfect for the beach, right? Not really, but I’m off to the beach any way. My boyfriend, his sister and I are going to a beach for the first time this summer. I am so excited that I made a playlist for the occasion. Do you make playlists for seasons and trips too? It’s so fun to do! The beach playlist I made is down below.

Click to hear on Spotify!

I put the playlist on Spotify after burning it to a cd. Now you can hear it too.

I made this playlist yesterday and added some new music to my iTunes library in the process. I got lucky too! Looking for some new songs brought me to NPR Music’s site through a post with the Top 25 Favorite Album of 2012 (So Far)  and the song of the day just so happened to be one described as a “shoegaze lover’s dream.” Paul is a shoegaze lover and musician, so I just had to get “Candy Girl” by Trailer Trash TracyNPR’s Top 25 list also got me to download “Words in the Fire” by Patrick Wilson. Both are pretty sweet airy tunes that are perfect for a relaxing summer day.

What are your favorite summer tunes?