Modern Notebook’s fall 2020 goals

Fall leaves on grass

Even though fall doesn’t feel too different than summer here in Southern California, I’m still excited to welcome it in. I’m hoping for cooler weather by November and a chance to splash in some rain puddles, or at least kick my shoes through some colorful leaves.

I hope this list of fall goals gets you thinking about some ways to bring little moments of joy into life this season.

French Apple Pie

1. Try a new pie recipe

Every fall, I just have to make an apple pie or something similar. I have made my mom’s apple crisp and French apple pies before. This year, I want to try making sour cream apple pie. Maybe I’ll make a pecan pie too.

2. Order a seasonal beverage

I’m not a pumpkin spice latte fan. I do enjoy a good seasonal beverage though. I tend to go for something maple or apple flavored, just as I do with my baked goods. Last weekend, I almost got a winter dream tea latte from Coffee Bean but my husband kindly surprised me with a drip coffee from our favorite bakery.

3. Enjoy walking in the rain

I love a good walk in light rain. So long as it’s not a downpour, I’m happy. I have been caught in a few of those on stroller walks before. We could use some rain, especially because it’s wildfire season. I’m hoping this can be crossed off my list fairly soon.I

4. Sign up for a course

It’s back to school season and that always makes me excited to learn something new myself. I have been looking into courses to up my digital skills and boost my resume. There are so many options these days.

5. Clean out my closet

Although the weather hasn’t changed much yet, I’m thinking ahead on when to rotate in my fall and winter clothes. My husband and I each have a box of out of season clothes in our shed that we will rotate in. I’ll sort through my own clothes and Maggie’s dresser, sorting into keep, donate, and trash piles.

6. Sell items online

We have gently used clothing items and other miscellaneous items that I have been meaning to sell online. I have sold on Poshmark before, so I might go with that again. I recently sold some clothes at a consignment store, which is nice because you get paid right away and the store does all the work for you. But you can generally get a higher profit margin when selling clothes yourself online.

Maggie and Erin in pumpkin patch

7. Visit a local farm

Of course, it’s always fun to go to an apple orchard in fall. I grew up going to Oak Glen in Yucaipa and I adore it. But it was pretty busy when we went two years ago, so I don’t think I’ll want to make the drive this year. Last year, when Maggie was 10 months old, we went to the Cal Poly Pomona pumpkin patch. Last I heard, it’s going to be closed due to Covid. There is a nearby farm with a petting zoo in Ontario (California, not to be confused with Ontario, Canada) that’s open and sounds great. That’s my top pick this year.

8. Decorate a pumpkin

I don’t love carving pumpkins. I find it a bit frustrating. Paul likes carving pumpkins and it’s always on his list for fall. I think I will paint some mini pumpkins this year for a change.

9. Donate clothes and canned goods

I plan on donating clothes to a local charity shop soon. I have a few donation bags in the car already. Our local Goodwill was not accepting any more donations when we stopped by on Saturday. I will check with a local women’s shelter to see if they are taking donations and what items would be accepted. I also need to check with a community food bank to see what hours they are accepting donations.

10. Take family photos

Last year, we took a family photo indoors with a tripod. We printed a few out for grandparents and ourselves as part of Christmas gifts. I didn’t turn them into Christmas cards, and I’m not sure I will this year either, but I do like the idea of having a yearly family photo. I think we will have someone take them outdoors this time though, around early November, so we have time in case we decide to do cards.

What’s on your list of goals this fall?

2 thoughts on “Modern Notebook’s fall 2020 goals

  1. Just wondering if you can ship any of the three varieties of apple pie! 😜 Did you know we live about 45 minutes from Ontario… Oregon?

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