5 parenting websites to bookmark now

favorite parenting websites

Parenthood can feel lonely, whether it’s your first go around or you’re welcoming your fourth child. Nothing can or should replace true connection with others, but I find it comforting to read and listen to content by other parents sometimes. Also, I needed to look up a lot of things early on and wanted reliable sources to turn to.

My little girl turned 18 months old recently. I can’t believe it! my life has certainly changed in that time and I have learned a lot.

These are the websites I continie to look to for honest stories, good advice, as well as baby and toddler recipes.

1. The Everymom
The Everymom is an offshoot of the website The Everygirl. It offers detailed in-depth features, career profiles, relatable first-hand stories, and more. I love the Everymom website and Instagram. I’m also part of the private Facebook group. It’s a dream of mine to be a writer or editor for them one day.

2. Baby Foode
When it came time to start feeding Maggie and move away from milk as her sole source of nutrition, I found this website to be a great help. It’s full of baby and toddler recipes, including purees, baby-led weaning recipes, and recipes that the whole family will like. I found the Guide to Baby Food Stages, from purees to baby-led weaning, particularly helpful.

3. Yummy Toddler Food
I absolutely love Yummy Toddler Food for its simple meal ideas, sane advice, and easy recipes. I like Amy Palanjian’s thoughts on toddler food. It’s good to serve whole foods as much as possible but reality necessitates shortcuts. She has tips for both.


4. Gold and Graphite
I love the way Jill Atogwe writes about motherhood on her blog, Gold and Graphite. She uses descriptive language to paint a picture of the simple but lovely every day moments in life. She also has the most beautiful photos.

5. Cup of Jo
I have been following this lifestyle blog a long time. It’s one of the originals, started back in 2007. Jo Goddard turned it into her full-time career shortly after the birth of her first son. Now it is run by a diverse team and offers much more than just parenting content. I adore their motherhood content for the way it invites conversation.

Bonus: Parents Magazine
Not only do I get excited to get this magazine in the mail, Maggie does too! She seems more excited than me, actually. I love it for the sound advice on a variety of topics, she loves it for the features and advertisements with photos of babies. She does the sign for baby to ask me to flip through it and show her the babies.

This post is Part 1 in a series on where I get my favorite parenting content. It’s maybe a silly series, but I consume a lot of parenting content and thought it would be fun to share.

It’s so great to find a bit of community on the Internet, especially when it can be hard to go out and meet up with other moms. (By the way, this has been in drafts for quite a while. I wrote that last sentence pre-Covid. Even more relevant now?) What are your favorite motherhood books, apps, or podcasts? 

P.S. My 10 favorite newborn products and Introducing Margaret Esme.

(Photos: Top photo by me, food photo from Baby Foode.)

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