Meal plan vs. reality

Once again, we ate pretty healthy meals this week. We didn’t eat much frozen food, not even for lunches. We only ate a meal out once and that was In-N-Out for lunch on Friday.

I felt very, very, very lucky to have home cooked meals Wednesday through Saturday that I didn’t cook myself. I’m counting taco man tacos at a party as home cooked here.

I made a pecan pie for Thanksgiving, so at least I contributed there. Next year I’ll try to make more. I think the trick is preparing as much as possible ahead of time if you know you will be busy. I’ll try to do homemade pie dough next time. It’s not like I have never done it before. I would love to make a ton of pies like young adult novel author Kerry Winfrey, it’s just hard to find the time.

Today I planned out the upcoming week’s meals, wrote a grocery list, and we all went shopping at Sprouts as a family. We got so much stuff and the cost came out to more than normal but it made sense. We had a near empty fridge beforehand. Also, if I don’t plan for enough, I end up having to go back to the grocery store later in the week. This time I also skipped the baby food because we still have some at home, and I stocked up on foods that Maggie can eat as I’m trying to have enough easy table foods on hand.

Meal planning and reflection has taught me that it’s helpful to have a plan but not be disappointed if I don’t do exactly what I have planned. That’s a lesson that I keep on learning and of course it’s not just applicable to dinner plans.

Meal plan as written on Sunday morning:

Monday: Chicken and Brussels sprouts potato salad with spicy aioli

Tuesday: Sheet pan chicken teriyaki and veggies with white rice and fresh fruit

Wednesday: Thai inspired pizza like California Pizza Kitchen

Thursday: Thanksgiving at my mom’s house (I’m making pecan pie this year.)

Friday: Turkey with wild rice soup

Saturday: Out for dinner

Sunday: Salmon, rice, broccoli

What we actually ate:

Monday: Chicken, Brussels sprouts, and potatoes

Tuesday: Skirt steak, potatoes, butternut squash, toast

Wednesday: Minestrone at my Mom’s house

Thursday: Thanksgiving

Friday: Thanksgiving leftovers

Saturday: Had taco man tacos, mulitas, rice and beans at a family party as a late lunch and cereal as a late dinner

Sunday: Chicken wings from Sprouts butcher shop with celery and carrots

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