Meal plan vs. reality

I feel proud of how this week went. I think we ate fairly healthier than in the past few weeks. I didn’t manage to get fruit and vegetables into every meal, but overall the week was more balanced. We didn’t go out for dinner this week but Paul and I went out for lunch separately on Friday and together on Sunday.

Monday’s dinner was inspired by the fridge foraging series by Amanda Fredrickson. I took random stuff in the fridge, including the spinach that was going bad, and made it all into something good.

Why did plans change? Well, I meant to go to Trader Joe’s on Monday to get Brussels sprouts and potatoes. I like the potato medley at Trader Joe’s more than Sprouts, but I like doing the big weekly shop at Sprouts. I decided to just stick with cooking from what I had put on my Sprouts list because really that was enough food. Except that we did go to Trader Joe’s on Tuesday night for lunch things.

I wrote the list for Sprouts but Paul went to the store and did the shopping. I added tofu to the list at the last minute. I told him to get whatever beef looked good and he got carne asada. At first in the meal plan, I had three chicken meals, but that changed to chicken, carne asada, and tofu which makes for a much more interesting week.

It’s hard to deny pizza on a Friday night. But I’m glad we had Trader Joe’s frozen pizza with broccoli this week because it felt much better than pizza delivery.

I should note that sleep has been better. Before I mentioned that my almost one-year-old has been sleeping badly. Fingers crossed, God-willing, things are looking up!

Meal plan as written on Sunday morning:

Monday: Chicken, Brussels sprouts and roasted potatoes

Tuesday: Chicken and Brussels sprouts potato salad with spicy aioli

Wednesday: Macaroni and cheese with peas. Strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Thursday: Chicken teriyaki with stir fry vegetables

Friday: Pancakes with blueberry syrup and bacon

Saturday: Out for dinner

Sunday: Coconut shrimp tacos from Trader Joe’s (been meaning to make this for a few weeks!)

What we actually ate:

sheet pan roasted chicken and grapes

Monday: Sheet pan roasted chicken and red grapes inspired by Amanda Fredrickson, sautéed spinach with feta cheese, Mexican rice from a box

Tuesday: Carne asada and leftover Mexican rice

Wednesday: Macaroni and cheese topped with Italian bread crumbs, bacon, and Parmesan cheese with a side of California blend vegetables cooked from frozen

Thursday: Pinch of Yum’s Spicy peanut tofu bowls

Friday: Frozen Trader Joe’s broccoli and tomato pizza

Saturday: Scrambled eggs and bacon with tortillas

Sunday: Oven roasted salmon and Trader Joe’s fried rice with extra peas

This is week 6 of the series meal plan vs. reality. Click here to see the rest of the series.

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