Meal plan vs. reality

This week mostly went according to the plan. I planned very simple things so that’s probably why. We ate dinner out Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Sunday being homemade food at my mom’s house. I feel lucky that I didn’t have to wash as much dishes.

I ordered groceries from InstaCart on Friday. I didn’t order any fresh meat this time for a few reasons. Last week I accidentally let some ground beef go bad because I didn’t get to cooking it in time. I didn’t want that to happen again.

I had a lot of meals in the freezer that I want to use, both homemade and store bought. Actually, there’s still a lot. I also tried to make a conscious effort to incorporate more vegetables and not have everything so meat focused because we ate a lot of meat last week.

Meal plan as written on Monday morning:

Monday: Boxed macaroni and cranberry pecan spinach salad

Tuesday: Falafel sandwiches

Wednesday: Chicken enchiladas from the freezer

Thursday: Spaghetti and chicken meatballs

Friday: Cheese board dinner

Saturday: Out for dinner

Sunday: Pancakes and eggs

What we actually ate:

Monday: Boxed macaroni and chicken Ceasar salad

Tuesday: Falafel sandwiches

Wednesday: Chicken enchiladas from the freezer

Thursday: Cranberry pecan spinach salad

Friday: Out for dinner, including Maggie. We had pizza at Blaze.

Saturday: Out for dinner, but Maggie stayed home with Paul’s mom. We had tacos.

Sunday: Dinner at my mom’s house. We’re having Italian meatballs, spaghetti and French bread.

This is week 4 of the series meal plan vs. reality. See the rest here.

3 thoughts on “Meal plan vs. reality

  1. I like this series! It’s fun to see how other people do with their meal planning because I definitely start off with a great plan and sometimes it just goes to hell… Since I work outside of the house, commute an hour each way, and have a lot of obligations in the evenings, I end up only cooking a few times a week, but make enough to have lunches or dinners for a couple days.

    1. I’m glad you like it! I try to make enough for leftover lunches or dinners too. We usually have leftovers for dinner just one night a week, but have leftover for a few also from that meal and another.

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