Meal plan vs. reality

I decided I want to post these meal plans on here for seven weeks to help me get into the habit of planning and cooking. After that I’ll stop boring the Internet with these meal plan vs. reality posts, at least for a while.

Maggie is still going through a developmental leap and sleep regression. I think I have come to accept it. The other day someone posted in a mom Facebook group I’m in describing the rough nights she’s been having with her 10-month-old and it sounded like exactly what Maggie has been going through. Solidarity, sister. It helps to hear that someone else is going through the same thing.

Meal plan as written on Sunday night:

Monday: Chicken sandwhiches and cranberry pecan salad

Tuesday: Mashed potatoes, broccoli and meatloaf

Wednesday: Mashed potatoes, fruit salad and chicken

Thursday: Pizza

Friday: Family night out for Paul’s birthday

Saturday: Macaroni and cheese with peas

Sunday: Leftover macaroni

What we actually ate:

Monday: Chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli

Tuesday: Bacon, eggs and toast

Wednesday: Trader Joe’s fried rice and orange chicken

Thursday: Carne asada tacos

Friday: Chicken and cheese enchiladas with red sauce
Paul, Maggie and I went to Elvira’s for lunch to celebrate Paul’s birthday.

Saturday: Pan de muerto con chocolate (bread and hot chocolate)
We went out to lunch with Paul’s sister and boyfriend and were still full from that so we didnt want a big dinner.

Sunday: Frozen pizza
I didn’t have much time to cook. Today was spent getting a new vacuum, cleaning, and re-arranging furniture.

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