Meal plan vs. reality

This week has been a bit hard. I think I left the pozole out for too long after dinner. I didn’t think about it and still ate it for lunch on Tuesday. I had food poisoning starting around midnight. I took it easy on Wednesday and Paul’s mom came over to help.

Maggie skipped her afternoon nap on Friday and Saturday, which resulted in tired parents in the evening onward and more frequent night wakings. Not to mention, without the nap I didn’t really have time to clean or cook. But Sunday, Paul’s mom and sister came over to help with Maggie and housework. It was so, so nice.

I wrote the meal plan for next week on Friday night and the grocery list on Saturday. Paul shopped according to the list while I fed Maggie dinner. It’s nice to have shopping done already. I hope next week goes better.

Meal plan as written on Sunday night:

Monday: Chicken pozole rojo

Tuesday: Chicken wings and cranberry pecan salad

Wednesday: Carne asada tacos

Thursday: Coconut shrimp tacos

Friday: Family night out

Saturday: Skillet chicken with orzo pasta
This is a recipe my mom used when I was growing up. I included it in my family cookbook. I plan on posting the recipe this week.

Sunday: Leftover skillet chicken
If we finish the leftovers for lunch, then we’ll have a Frontera frozen carnitas meal.

What we actually ate:

Monday: Chicken pozole rojo

Tuesday: Trader Joe’s cheesecake leftover from a party with fresh fruit

Wednesday: Toast and eggs (me), eggs and bacon (Paul)

Thursday: Coconut shrimp tacos for lunch, In-N-Out for dinner.

Friday: Carne asada tacos

Saturday: Cereal and chocolate pretzels

Sunday: Skillet chicken with orzo pasta

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