5 years of dating


My fiance and I have been together for five years now as of today. We’ve learned some about committing yourself to another person and grown as individuals in the process. We’ve also had a lot of fun.

To commemorate the occasion, I thought I would share five ways I show him I love him:

1. Say I love you.

He knows that I love him, but I still remind him every day by just saying so. There are some days that I forget to say so before he goes to work, so I’ll text him “I love you” instead.

2. Make the bed and keep the rest of our bedroom tidy.

I’m more likely to keep the kitchen tidy than our bedroom. I don’t make the bed every day, but I’ve been making an effort to make the bed more often. It’s a chore I have, but it’s so nice to have a made bed. I saw my grandma Donna making her bed a few days ago and my aunt told me she makes her bed every day, so that’s been inspiring me. It’s so nice to crawl into a well made bed at the end of the day, so it’s worth the effort.

3. Share experiences, from binge watching a show on Netflix, to cooking dinner together or going on a road trip.

Giving him the remote and letting him pick what to put on can make for good times. I wouldn’t watch horror movies, video game review content, or as many late night shows as I do without him to make my life more interesting. Before we lived together, we would take turns picking where to go on dates or what movie to see in theaters.

4. Listen to his frustrations and offer encouragement.

I may not always have advice to give and he might not always know what to tell me and that’s okay. It’s helpful and comforting to just listen to each other vent, while offering loving support.

5. Surprise him with something, big or small.

I’m not the best at surprises, but I know he likes them. Most Christmases and birthdays, I’ve given him a present early because I didn’t want to wait for him to open it. I would still give him another gift on the actual day. Sometimes I’ll surprise him for no reason with a bar of chocolate, or make a mocha for him at home.

Once, he was telling me about some hard to find movies that he wish he had on DVD, and I wrote down the names on my phone without him knowing. I ordered them on Amazon for his birthday and he was totally surprised.

I’m sure we have plenty more to learn. Our love will change when we get married in October and commit to each other in front of our friends and family. I’m excited to keep learning more with him.

The photo at the top is of my fiance and I back in 2012 when we had only been dating a few months.

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