Testing the Milk compost cookie mix

Testing the Milk Compost Cookie mix

Food video, take 3. As you may remember, my first food related video was more of a DIY (Pozole Soup in a Jar), the second was an original recipe with step by step instructions (Vanilla Apricot Oatmeal), and this is part how to, part food review.

I tested out the Compost Cookie mix from Milk, an award-wining bakery from Christina Tosi with stores in New York City, DC, and Toronto.

Fun fact just for you, blog readers: This isn’t the first time I’ve tried making a boxed cookie mix from Milk. About a month ago, I picked up the cornflake-chocolate-chip-marshmallow cookie mix from my local Target. I made cookies from the mix too. I didn’t film it. And unfortunately, when I was letting the cookies cool down, I went back in the kitchen to check on them only to find a cricket sitting on one of the cookies.

Perhaps the cricket was standing. It’s hard to tell with crickets. Either way, that was an ordeal. At least I had leftover dough in the fridge from that batch.

This time, no cricket to be seen (well, my boyfriend smashed the one the first one) and I had fun making cookies.

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