Vanilla apricot oatmeal (video)

Vanilla Apricot Oatmeal

I hated oatmeal for years because I thought it was too mushy. I kind of have this thing against mushy foods. Or I guess had. It depends on the mushy food. I still hate pudding and jello, but of course I like guacamole because I’m a normal California girl.

It wasn’t until this year that I started to love oatmeal and actually crave it. My boyfriend makes good oatmeal and taught me how to make good oatmeal too.

The secret is getting your oatmeal to exactly the right texture and consistency that you like. It’s all personal preference, kind of like frying eggs. It takes practice even though it seems simple.

Of course, adding sugar to oatmeal doesn’t hurt either. (Almost) Everything is better with sugar. I like to add either fresh fruit or honey to my oatmeal, usually when it is still cooking. Sometimes I add brown sugar instead. Cinnamon is good with oatmeal, but it doesn’t go with every fruit in my opinion so I don’t always add it.

Last week I decided to make vanilla apricot oatmeal because, hey, stone fruits are in season and we had picked up some apricots at Trader Joe’s. For fun, I filmed a video of me making it, which is slightly embarrassing, but I uploaded it to YouTube any way. Watch it if you so please. And if you make, please share your photos with the hashtag #ErinsEats.

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