October adventures

october adventures

I haven’t been taking many pictures with my camera or phone lately, but I really need to do that. So this month instead of sharing photos from Instagram, they’re all from when my guy and I went to a pumpkin patch. That signals the start of fall to me.

october adventures october adventures

october adventures october adventures
october adventures

In October, I…

  • Celebrated my cousin Julie’s birthday in Long Beach
  • Celebrated my mom’s birthday
  • Went to the Cal Poly Pomona pumpkin patch
  • Spent precious time with my nephew, including on Halloween
  • Catch up time with college friends

Is that it? The month went by so fast. Of course there was also lots of time with my doggies and family. Tonight I’m going to a midnight showing of one of my favorite movies ever, 10 Things I Hate About You, and there is going to be a Q&A with some of the cast members. I’ll be sure to let you guys know how that goes! I hope you all are having a great November so far.

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