let's celebrate

Let’s celebrate

let's celebrate

My boyfriend recently went from a contract position at his job to being a permanent employee. We’ve been hoping for this for a while and he’s been working hard to make it happen. Naturally, we had to celebrate. On Saturday, we went back to our college, Cal Poly Pomona, for its annual Pumpkin Festival. Then we headed over to one of our favorite date night hangouts, the city of Claremont. It’s a college town, unlike Pomona. You see, Pomona has one college and it’s mostly a commuter school. Claremont has three colleges within walking distance of many shops. It’s nickname “The city of trees and PHDs” rings true.

We ended up going to a Spanish restaurant in town and ordering some delicious tapas. It was nice to have a long, relaxing dinner and catch up. Of course, we talk every day, but this really gave us an opportunity to bring up things we had forgotten about mentioning.

let's celebrate

let's celebrate
Photos by Paul A. Rosales

Dress/Aniche Boutique, Necklace/Things Remembered (gift), Belt/Target, Purse/Target, Tights/Target, Boots/Target

For our day out, I wanted to wear something that would be comfortable enough to walk around in but also a little dressed up. Besides, I love wearing tights and it’s finally cool enough wear I live to do so.

By the way, I’m working on making a content plan for this blog that makes sense for me and my interests. I’m thinking that will involve more fashion posts and less on entertainment. Then again, most of my clothes are from Target so does that mean I can’t be a fashion blogger?

4 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate

  1. You can be a fashion blogger with any kind of clothes! I love Target, and it’s pretty expensive actually. It’s where the chic shop :) Love those boots, I’m going shopping this weekend and that is my first stop. I would love to see some fun fashion posts from you! Have a great day, Erin! :)

  2. Congrats to you and your boyfriend! Finding full time employment is hard, and definitely calls for a celebration. I love your outfit! Combat boots are some of my favorite items for the fall. I would definitely love to see more style posts from you! I personally love shopping at Target, and I’m usually more interested in getting outfit ideas, rather than focusing on where the clothes were purchased.



  3. I think you can be a fashion blogger no matter where you get your clothes! I see too many fashion bloggers from people who can afford expensive clothes– I’d much rather see someone who can recommend items within my own price range!! Cute outfit, too! I say go for it if it’s what you feel drawn to. :)

  4. Who cares where your clothes come from – it’s all about your style! Besides, for the most part, I think there’s a serious lack of affordable style posts on the internet.

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