Go see Chef


I’ve been meaning to tell you for quite some time to get off your butt and..


See Chef in theaters!


On the risk of over hyping it (Is that a phrase?), I feel that I must tell you to catch this movie while it’s still in theaters.

The cast is spectacular, the writing is amazing and the soundtrack rocks. It’s honest, sweet, funny, romantic and inspiring.

Centered around restaurant chef Carl Casper, played by Jon Favreau, the movie takes us on a summer adventure. How perfect is that? In an attempt to get back his creative passion for cooking and make some extra cash after losing his restaurant job, Casper starts up a food truck. The journey ends up being a great bonding experience for him and his son Percy, played by Emjay Anthony.

Sofia Vergara, Jon Leguizamo, and Dustin Hoffman round out the all-star cast of this independent film. Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. play a role as well.

My boyfriend and I don’t always agree on movies, but we both loved this one. He said he had never laughed that much in a movie before and it had him smiling the whole time. It’s like food for the soul.

We saw it a few weeks ago and I haven’t stopped recommending it since.

Seriously, catch it on the big screen while you can!

BTW: I feel like I should mention that this post was in no way sponsored, although I would love to be sponsored to write movie reviews of sorts. Look for more film, TV and pop culture blog posts in the future.

Image: Open Road Films

4 thoughts on “Go see Chef

  1. I suck at going to the movie theater, and usually wait for movies to come out on Netflix. I think I’ll have to make an exception for this one. I love Sofia Vergara and John Leguizamo, and it’s cool to see that more movies with diverse characters are coming out.

    1. Yep, maybe you should. I only see a movie in theaters every few months and this one made the cut. And yeah, it’s cool to see more movies with diverse characters. I didn’t know who John Leguizamo was before this. He’s cute and funny so I’ll check out more of his movies.

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