5 things I learned in college

graduation 1

I graduated college on Sunday. It’s almost been a week already. It doesn’t even seem real. I don’t think it will sink in until I have my diploma in hand.

I have to say, I quite enjoyed college. It taught me a lot. In fact, I feel like I’m forgetting something when I say

1. Education isn’t just taught in the classroom.

I learned so much from the jobs and volunteer experiences I had in college, many of which were on campus. The motto at my school is “Learn by doing.” Honestly, is there any other way?

2. It’s okay to change your mind.

In the four or five years it takes to graduate college (who’s counting, really?) it’s inevitable that you will change your mind a lot. Feel free to change your mind about about your major, who you call your friends, and who to date. Of course, you should have your reasons.

my mom and me

Paul and me

3. Let the people you care about know you care. 

I’ve always been shy. College made me just a wee bit more outgoing. I’m also totally over hiding my feelings. I’ve told guys that I liked them. That was scary. I also made great friends simply by showing them I care.

4. Don’t put yourself in a box.

When I decided for sure that I wanted to pursue writing, I somehow thought I couldn’t also be a photographer and marketer too. But that’s just silly. I was putting myself in a box with only one label. Then I met interesting people with multiple talents and interests. It’s okay to have hobbies. You can be a writer and a science student. Be a photographer and kinesiology student if you want to. You can even be good at more than one thing. I promise.

5. Life isn’t meant to be taken too seriously.

I’m a goofball, but I can also be super serious. As a kid I was often told “Don’t take everything so literally.” I like thinking deeply but life is also meant for water fights and silly games. I had some tough times in college and that only reinforced the idea that I shouldn’t take everything so seriously.

on the screen

Congratulations to all the recent graduates. I hope you all had a great experience. To those still in school, I wish you the best!

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