Beer with a Blogger: Cassie of Witty Title Here

A few weeks ago, I met up with another blogger for the first time. Meeting people from online is not all bad, I tell you. I’m still alive and I got to meet this cool girl Cassie who runs the blog Witty Title Here, a lifestyle blog which features personal essays, photography and interviews. For her Beer with a Blogger series, I suggested we meet up at O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica, because hey, O’Brien is my last name.
beer close up

It was so cool getting to sit down across from someone whose blog I had been reading for months and talk about blogging with someone who actually does it. I don’t know any bloggers in real life, so whenever I bring up blogging to my family and friends they just play along.

We talked about blogging (of course), places to visit in the area, books, feminism and the media. Cassie is a Journalism student too! She’s also a California transplant who moved across the country for school, which I find very brave. The girl is brave, funny, honest and smart. You can follow Cassie on Twitter here.

William O’Sullivan neon sign

The owner, William O’Sullivan came out to meet Cassie and me while we were taking photos of the outside of the building. He was really nice and friendly. He wanted to know what we were taking pictures for, understandably, and even went back inside to write down the names of our blogs. I thought that was sweet. Although he was born in Ireland, he decided to name the bar after a Star Trek character instead of his own last name.

O'Briens Pub outside

The pub seemed like a nice place and I plan on going back. I’ll have to get my family to go with me so we can all enjoy being there together. Fun fact: My sisters and I all have pajamas that say O’Brien’s Irish Pub. My dad got them for us from Old Navy one year.

Beer with a blogger

Photo from [Witty Title Here]

This was so much fun! I’m glad we met up, Cassie. We’ll have to get meet up again soon.

4 thoughts on “Beer with a Blogger: Cassie of Witty Title Here

  1. This post puts a smile on my face, Erin. Blogs are such a wonderful way to connect with other people. It looks like you and Cassie had a lot of fun.

    -Helen Grace

  2. I love it! Thanks so much for the shout-out, Erin. I’d love to get together again sometime. Always nice to have friends you can talk blogging AND journalism with!

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