Links I love v. 12

Be proud

Happy Sunday! I hope you all are having a great weekend and that this was good for you too.

I’ve been fighting a cold and keeping busy. My brother was visiting from Tennesse the past few days, so we had a lot of family time. That’s always nice. We had a family party last night to celebrate my aunt’s birthday, complete with my mom’s famous tacos and Grandma’s peanut butter pie. Now I’m just sitting on the couch with a big warm blanket and a hot cup of tea, getting ready for a day of job applications and cleaning.

Whatever you’ve been up to this week, I hope you can find time to slow down before the start of another one. Enjoy the encouraging, inspiring and cute things I have conjured up in this here blog post.


Do you hate Mondays? Yeah, I mean everyone does, right? Well, Monique Muro brings up some really good points about why you should just give up that negative thinking. This video totally changed my perspective.

You are enough

Cassie of Witty Title Here really drives home the point that you are enough. Did you hear that? You are enough.

What’s Better Than Doing It All

It’s impossible to do it all. We all know that. But I still feel myself trying and getting way too overwhelmed. Alicia of Jaybird and four of her blogger friends have more on that.


Genius New (Promise!) Ways To Braid Your Hair
My hair game isn’t this strong yet, but I’m willing to work on that.

Whiskey Maple Cream Sauce, Perfect Potatoes au Gratin and Whisky-Glazed Carrots
My sister made a delicious dinner on Thursday night using these Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman) recipes. Our brother came in to town that night from Tennessee, so she wanted to make an extra special meal.

Cute things

The Reveal to Grandpa
This video has been going around and I finally watched it. It’s so cute!

Oh Honey Bun

I made a Tumblr dedicated to bunnies. There are already some other ones out there, but this is mine. Yeah, I’m ridiculous. It’s kind of a collaboration between Paul and I. He’s always sending me bunnies to reblog.

Featured image via Tumblr.

4 thoughts on “Links I love v. 12

    1. Thanks for commenting Alicia! I love your blog! I had never heard of that Twitter, but I’ll follow now. I do follow @CuteEmergency.

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