What I wore to Coachella

Coachella fashion 1

If you’re at all interested in fashion, you’ve probably seen galleries of “The Best Outfits at Coachella” and recaps from bloggers on what they wore. Besides the typical flower crowns, cutoff shorts, crop tops and big sunglasses, style runs the gamete.

As a first-timer, I thought I had an idea of what to expect. I knew I would see plenty of white people wearing big headdresses and lots of shirtless dudes trying to cool off from the unrelenting Indio sun.

Side note: I was surprised that people of all ages were in attendance. There were families with babies and toddlers as well as couples who looked to be in their 50s.

So, after reading a dozen articles on what to wear to Coachella I packed a whole week before and then threw more stuff in my bag the day of. My goal was too look cute and stay cool, without looking like a character.

Paul was nice enough to take photos of me in the very casual outfits I threw together so I can show them to you all, even though he was taking photos for his work too.

Friday outfit details: Glasses/Bonlook, Shirt/Nectar, Shorts/Marshalls, Shoes, Vans
I love casual and comfortable looks. Paul took this photo when we were listening to Aloe Blacc, the first set we caught.

Coachella fashion 2

Hat/Target, Top/Nectar, Shorts/Buffalo Exchange
Notice that this is the second Nectar top. I love Nectar. They’re not sponsoring this; I just think they rock. Also, about one-fifth of the girls there were wearing this hat.

Coachella fashion 3

Top/Marshalls, Shorts/Marshalls, Shoes/Vans
My mom gave me this shirt a few days before Coachella, bless her heart. I’m spoiled, I know. It was super comfortable and light weight, making it perfect for a day in the desert. The floral print is nice too.

I’ll be honest, I am nervous about sharing this last picture. I’m not fishing for compliments, but I’m just saying that I felt way better wearing this outfit than seeing the photo. My belly is showing and it makes me feel funny.

Women come in all shapes and sizes and I’m trying to understand that if I don’t judge others by their looks I shouldn’t judge myself that way either. So no name calling, please!

Not pictured are the super comfortable green printed pants I borrowed from my boyfriend’s sister to wear at night and the Frida Khalo print shirt I wore over the black crop top when the temperature went down.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my relaxed take on Coachella fashion!

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