Happy birthday, grandma


Today is my Grandma Donna’s 90th birthday. She’s one of my favorite people in the world, but unfortunately, I’m missing her birthday celebration because I’m at Coachella.

Just the same, I thought I’d share a quick thing I wrote for my grandma that someone else in my family will read to her tonight. At dinner tonight, my family will be sharing favorite memories and showering her with love.


It’s hard to think of just one single memory to share. When I was really young, I loved when you would read books to me. I also loved when you and Grandpap would take Mary and I to the mall to eat at A&W. I remember when you used to pick me up from school and I could always spot your car from the Beanie Baby fox in the window. I could go on and on!

I love you so much. You are sweet, honest, kind, fun and truly an inspiration.

I appreciate everything you have done for our family.

I took the top photo on Tuesday when my Grandma and I went out to IHOP together.

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