On my way to Coachella


I’m literally on my way to Coachella right now, blogging from my phone once again. Don’t worry, I’m not the one driving.

This trip still feels unreal. I’m going with my boyfriend and his sister who are Coachella veterans. They’ve been seven times!

When I was packing a few days ago, I thought of this one part of the Lion King and how it’s similar to my life right now. I do that all. the. time. Everything is relatable to The Lion King.

Okay, except I actually thought of this Disney World commercial that was part of the previews on the The Lion King VHS tape. Shoutout to all my 90s kids!

the first thing you gotta remember now this is a mistakethey've got all these unbelievable try to do it all at one and you'll be sleeping like a baby by lunchtime

I won’t be crazy partying or anything like that, but running from stage to stage could be tiring, yet so much fun!

Any one else going to Coachella this weekend? Have fun! Maybe we’ll run into each other.Maybe I’ll post on Instagram during the day, maybe I’ll save my battery and post at night. I’ve got a few scheduled posts this weekend and then I’ll be back Monday.

Disney commercial GIF from Tumblr.

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