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Links I love v. 10

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Hey you guys! Just stopping by to share some links I loved this week! No need for an explanation, I assume. Please excuse the quick post. I’m off to a 21st birthday party soon and need to get a move on.

I just have to share this feature on Norel Mancuso, the #GirlBoss at Social House Inc. I’m doing an internship at Social House and I can vouch that Norel is as cool as this makes her sound.

Speaking of bosses, what’s your take on the #BanBossy campaign? There’s been a lot of discussion on that lately. This post makes the most sense to me.

It’s impossible to do it all and those who do usually have help. Thanks for the much needed reminder, Angela.

Thank God I’m not the only one who thinks these things! Are you socially awkward too? Read this.

I could definitely relate to this post on All Things E about making friends as an adult.

I like this look of Mel’s music festival essentials over on The Nectar Collective. Very colorful!

Spring cleaning, y’all! This checklist on Lauren Conrad makes it slightly more bearable.

I hope you all are having a great week! Let me know what is making your weekend amazing in the comments below. As for myself, I’m happy about the haircut I got this morning, the party I’m going to later, and the double date I’ve got planned for tomorrow. It’s a busy weekend! I’ve also got a Q&A with an awesome lady going up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by for that.

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3 thoughts on “Links I love v. 10

  1. I love all of these links, but what I’m mainly commenting to say is just how much I REALLY loved the accompanying baby chick photos. I might’ve died laughing a little.

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