DIY movie stub pillow

Links I love v. 9

Hello Internet friends! I hope you all are having a lovely weekend and that you had a good, productive week.

I have to tell you all, I am so super excited for tomorrow because there’s going to be a St. Patrick’s Day dinner at my house. Although St. Patrick’s Day is on Monday, my family will be celebrating it a day early so that my mom can have time to cook it. My boyfriend and best friend are coming over, which I am so happy about because we don’t usually hang out together that much. We don’t live all that close together and we’re busy people, so I think my two favorite people have only met three or four times in two years.  Which is just crazy! My oldest sister and brother-in-law will also be coming over and a few more family members may or may not. We’ll see.

Guys, I’m so excited for St. Patrick’s Day dinner that I may even blog about it later on. I want to take pictures of the food, the decorations and the people. Hopefully the people don’t protest.

So I think you will be hearing a lot more on my St. Patrick’s Day dinner, why I celebrate and all that jazz later on. For now, let’s get on with the links.

DIY movie stub pillow

I’m a sucker for romance and reading DIYs. If only I was one of those people that actually enjoyed doing DIY projects. Any way, check out this Movie Stub Pillow on Mallory Makes Things.

Akilah Hughes is one of the funniest people on the internet, according to me. Here is a makeup video she did with a bunch of different products. I don’t want to get into details at the moment, but a daily task at one of my internships is to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube. Yes, I’m serious and that makes this all the more hilarious for me than it would have been previously.

These Root Beer Float Cookies look so good. I want to make them for my grandma. Her birthday is next month and sadly, I’ll be missing it for Coachella, so I should give them to her to make up for it.

Ugh periods. Who needs them. Am I right? That’s why I absolutely loved this funny and helpful post on The Man Repeller entitled Beating the Crimson Wave.

Ashlina of The Decorista shared beautiful photos in her post 10 things that rocked my world this week. SXSW 2014 edition.

I also loved seeing SXSW photos on Instagram from Paul who was at SXSW for Yahoo (he’s an editor) and Hillary Anne, Vagina::The Zine editor-in-chief, who was reporting on the festival for Bitch Magazine.

P.S. You may have noticed that I updated my blog design. What do you think? Be honest. I’m still trying to think of a new blog name and url that isn’t already taken. I’m open to suggestions.

Happy early St. Patrick’s Day to the Irish, wee-bit-Irish (like me) and everyone else! I’ll put my St. Patrick’s day post up Monday, if not before.

8 thoughts on “Links I love v. 9

  1. Can’t wait to hear about your St. Patrick’s Day party! It sounds super fun. And I totally noticed that your blog looked different, but I thought I was just imagining it until you mentioned it! Ha. I like it!

  2. I love the new blog design – it’s very simple :) What names are you leaning towards? You really wish to change it? Hope your St. Pat’s Day dinner is swell. Have a great one Erin – Iva

    1. Thanks, Iva! I feel so much better about my blog now. I just don’t feel like Take Comfort Project makes as much sense any more. It’s tough to decide on something else though. I feel like I’m naming a baby. LOL. My sister is pregnant and I see from her how hard it is to pick a name, but that is of course waaaay different. I thought of My Own Drum or Present Tense. I still want to think about it though.

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