Aloe Blacc is the man

Aloe Blacc is the man

With all the SXSW info, pictures and tweets I keep seeing, I have been getting a tiny bit jealous. So instead of thinking about how I could be there but I’m not, I though about how I’m going to Coachella in about a month. So exciting! It will be my first time. I’m so happy about it and grateful for the opportunity.

When I looked over the set list initially, I was excited to see Aloe Blacc’s name because of his singles “I Need A Dollar,” “The Man” and his and for writing and performing vocals on DJ Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” But I didn’t know anything about him besides those songs I had heard on the radio. Last night I learned a little more and I’m glad I did.

Here are five things I learned from reading the Aloe Blacc Wikipedia page last night. (Sorry for citing Wikipedia. Just being honest here, guys.)

  1. He is from Laguna Hills, California. That’s in Orange County.
  2. He graduated from the University of Southern California (USC).
  3. He is married to Mexican-Australian rapper Maya Jupiter and they have a baby girl.
  4. He is actively involved in philanthropy.
  5. His album Lift Your Spirit comes out Tuesday, March 11.

Also, the man has got soul. It’s in his music and it’s also in his videos. I cried watching Aloe Blacc’s official video for Wake Me Up, which is embedded below.

Image from USA Today.

7 thoughts on “Aloe Blacc is the man

  1. Wow that is such a powerful video – Avicii’s version took away from this in his version of the video but either way it is a great song. :D And no worries, Wikipedia ain’t THAT bad ;) Have a great one Erin! -Iva

  2. I cite Wikipedia all the time and I teach college English. Ha. That’s very cool you are going to Coachella. You better blog about it!

  3. I wish I could have been at SXSW as well. I keep seeing pictures from people living in Austin, and it looks so much fun! I’m pretty sure that seeing Aloe Blacc would have been awesome. I missed seeing him at Jubilee about two years ago.

    I can’t wait to see your Coachella pictures, though. I’m sure you’ll have so much fun!

    • Yes, I keep seeing pictures from people there too! My boyfriend is there for work so I also keep hearing about it first hand. But oh well! What’s Jubilee? I’ve never heard of it.

      Have you been to Coachella before? I’m so excited for it!

      • Jubilee is this music festival that used to take place in Silverlake every Summer, but now takes place in the Arts District. It’s really cool, really affordable, and features a bunch of indie bands. It was only $20 to see Aloe Blacc. I highly doubt I’ll ever score such a great deal ever again! (Sigh) You should check it out this Summer if you get a chance.

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