Cold and wet

me, annoyed

bus stop

I don’t want too much time to pass before I post a few photos from the LA storm this past weekend. It seriously poured on Friday!

In LA, rain makes the news. That’s true pretty much every time, no matter what month or year. It’s not just news for no reason this time, though. This winter has been unusually, which is especially bad considering California produces most of the nation’s crops.

I was glad that we got some rain. I love the sound of rain on the roof. In high school, I loved running in the rain. I was a crazy cross country runner then. But, I gotta tell you, I did not love standing around waiting for a bus to come on Friday afternoon while I stood around in the rain. My bus was 30 minutes late, which I didn’t realize at first, so I stood at the stop for a total of 45 minutes. I say that because I also got to the stop a little early. So, that’s why I look so annoyed in that photo up top. I actually took a selfie because I was annoyed and bored. Plus, posterity of course.

I snapped these pics while I was waiting around. Actually, I was prepared for this. Not only was I wearing my big green jacket with a nice hood, I also brought along my camera and a plastic bag specifically to take photos. I put the plastic bag over the camera to cover it from rain. All I had to do was rip a hole for the lens.

Then I called my Grandma. Thankfully, my grandma was able to meet me halfway, so I didn’t have to transfer buses. We had a few minutes at her house to chat, eat cookies, and drink cappuccinos before I went off to have dinner with friends.Grandma loves the rain, so it was nice to experience it with her, even for just a bit.

turning in water

near Starbucks

4 thoughts on “Cold and wet

  1. I totally had an urge to take photos in the rain over the weekend, but I was too lazy/wimpy and had a lot of work to do, haha. I literally did not leave my apartment for a day and-a-half. It was glorious.

  2. This winter sucks balls and I’m ready for it to be o.v.e.r. Can’t wait for it to end and cometh Spring :) We’re used to rain, especially in the Spring but it will be a relief over snow any day – I’ll just have to re-adapt to the humidity thing. Happy Friday Erin! -Iva

    1. Oh man! Would it be super bratty of me to say I’m so glad I live in Southern California? Well, I won’t be saying that when it’s over 100 degrees in August at least. I hope you had a great weekend Iva!

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