Links I love v. 7

New Yorker Magazine editorial

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about job searching, employment, writing and stuff like that. Of course, that’s because I’ve been doing some job searching, now I have two internships and I’m looking forward to graduating college in about three months. It’s crazy how fast this school year is going by!

To any one out there reading this who is looking for a job, thinking of switching careers  or even finishing up school soon too, I wish you the best. We can do get through it together. In fact, I’m going to try to make it easier on you all by sharing some links to helpful resources on getting a job. The last few are specific to writers and the rest are good tips for anyone.

Need to brush up on the basics of job searching? These tips from Rookie are a great start. Rookie- Help Wanted, Help Still Wanted

I found this Buzzfeed article about how to score your dream job SUPER encouraging.

What if you don’t know what your dream job is? Take a quiz! (I got writer. Yay!)

Once you get an interview, it’s time to plan the perfect outfit. Cool! Actually, I find it really hard. This kind of helped. Also, be prepared for your interview.

Kerry over at Welcome To Ladyville shared her experience getting jobs in her field (writing) and I loved it. I actually emailed her wanting to know how she does it and then she wrote the blog post about getting a writing “day job” in response. Awesome!

Writers need clips. That means they need written pieces they can show people to prove they can write. This goes for a number of jobs, I’ve found, including public relations, copywriting, journalism, and so on. Here’s more info on clips.

I leave you with this GIF set:

I'm an adultfeel right

still a teenagerallowed to grow up

Top image via New Yorker Magazine. Bottom GIF set from my Tumblr. Original source can be found there).

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